Why Physical Security is Just as Important as Online Security For Companies

Why Physical Security Is Just As Important As Online Security For Companies

In the digital age, more and more attention is being drawn to the risk that cyber criminals pose to businesses. Criminals tend to target businesses to acquire company sensitive information, which can be held against the company, or even worse against the companies clients.

Don’t believe us?

Home Depot is just one example of a giant franchise that has been hit hard by cyber criminal activities. Of course, government organizations are in the same predicament. Such as the recent hit on Office Of Personnel Management.

The problem?

The common misconception about cyber crime is that it all happens on the computer screen. But this could not be further from the truth. Think about the physical security of your servers, of computers, laptops, and smartphones – which may contain company-sensitive information…

All of this could pose a risk to your business.

Which is why it is important for any business to take its physical security into account.

Protecting Your Servers From Natural Disasters And General Cyber criminal Activity

Protecting your business assets all starts with internal security. That means your employees, customers, and cleaning staff. Each one of these individuals inadvertently poses a risk to your business. Which is why you want to make sure employees only have access to areas that they need to be in to manage their work.

A prime example of this is the server room. This typically is where the majority of your company-sensitive information is stored. From client databases, right down to financial records, and management logs.

Imagine a disgruntled employee managed to get a hold of all of this information? This could lead to ransoms, or even worse- an awkward press release to your customers explaining that their data has been released to the general public without their consent.

Protect Your Equipment From Power Surges

Okay, you caught me!

This particular tip is not really to help you fight potential threats against your business. But rather to deal with potential server catastrophes, which can cause a backlog of corrupted data, and miss information critical for your daily operations.

When your servers are constantly being reset thanks to continuous power surges or outages in the area, it can have a long-lasting negative impact on the server itself. Leading to corrupted information, and potentially lost data.

Here are a few great ideas to help protect your business from this happening.

Secure Your Business With Live Camera Feeds


When it comes to medium to large businesses, access control is incredibly important. From your server rooms to your computer rooms, right down to your stock and inventory storage. You want to make sure you are able to identify exactly who is in and out of these rooms at all times.

Simple access to your servers, for example, could allow a cybercriminal to “zombify” your servers. Giving them unprecedented access to critical business information, client-sensitive data, and the ability to manipulate this information.

But cybercrime is the least of your worries.

Your employees, customers, and even contractors are actually a huge threat to your business.

33 Percent Of All Businesses Go Bankrupt Because Of Their Employees


Breathe in, breathe out.

I know… it’s a lot to take in. But that’s the scary truth.

Even worse?

On a yearly basis, businesses lose almost $50 billion to employee theft. That’s a lot of hard dough to lose out on due to improper physical security systems in place.

Besides adequate access control, and surveillance – our next best tip to help you increase the physical security of your business is to make sure your inventory software is up to date, and accurate.

This will help you keep track of exactly what is being sold, and what seems to have grown legs, and walked off the shelves.

Educate Your Employees On The Importance Of Physical Security At The Workplace

Your employees are your pillars of support when it comes to customer interaction. They deal with handling confidential client information on a daily basis. Which means their work laptops can be a goldmine for potential criminals targeting your business.

Which is why if you have a strict policy relating to leaving laptops at the office.

Make sure you secure these devices in a safe or secured room that cannot be broken into. Generally, your server room and computer lock-up area should either be one and the same, or each has it’s own unique digital security pass to protect it from attempted intrusions.