Why is Cloud Hosting Beneficial for Growing Businesses?

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Lately, if you have been exploring your hosting options, then you are bound to have come across Cloud Hosting. Cloud web hosting has become a popular web hosting option that offers dynamic features and has emerged to be the choice of hosting for companies from SMBs to an MNC.

Why is cloud web hosting beneficial for growing businesses?

Faster server – With Cloud Hosting, you can fasten your loading speed by 2X. Having a Cloud Hosting service for your website that is backed with premium hardware, low-density servers, and multiple caching layers can deliver the best performance. Along with this, it has the fastest server setup process and allows your website to be online immediately, unlike traditional servers. 

Data recovery – Along with data security, another concern for businesses today is data loss. Good Cloud Hosting providers in India offer CEPH store system, which is an open-source software put together for highly-scalable object and file storage. This facilitates data backup through data mirroring, i.e. storage of data across three devices. The cloud infrastructure implements automatic failover (restore) of the data in the time of disaster. 

Scalability – Cloud Hosting can help you scale your website as per your growing traffic. If there are traffic spikes, you can easily manage that with zero service interruption. Many Cloud Hosting plans offer one-click scalability of memory, CPU and other resources to ensure seamless control of increasing traffic for growing businesses.

Access to Dashboard – Cloud servers allows businesses to view their website’s performance with ease. Hosting providers offer integrated control panel like Cpanel that provides a graphical interface and automation tools to support the process of hosting. It also allows businesses owners to manage their resources accordingly without waiting for any approval from the hosting provider. 

Cost efficiency – As businesses grow, they have to invest in the on-server premise infrastructure, which can cost a lot. The cloud infrastructure doesn’t need you to spend a huge amount of money on maintenance of any equipment. Cloud server India’s affordable resource plans and single-click scalability makes it easy to manage traffic surge without upgrading your package.

Cloud Hosting is a smart way of hosting with blazing fast speeds, scalability and flexible pricing structure. It offers a cost-efficient option to growing businesses to start off with bare minimum resources and seamlessly scale up with rising business.