Tips for Renovation of Lightweight Steel Roof House

A basically, Total Disassembly is one solution. When the entire framework of the roof of a building or house is damaged. One solution is to replace it using a lightweight steel frame. By purchasing materials at Sydney Roof and Building Supplies, your home will be guaranteed to be leak-resistant for decades. Sydney Roof and Building Supplies is the best roofing material Sydney that has been preserved long ago. to replace the old light steel frame with mild steel is not as easy as imagined. On this occasion, this article will invite you to discuss all ways to renovate a lightweight steel roof.

Things you should know before replacing the roof of the house with mild steel

When many buildings are already using mild steel as the roof of a house or the other. This is because by using mild steel the building becomes more sturdy and not easily damaged. But there are some things you should know before using mild steel as the roof of your house, which is as follows:

  • Calculate the height of the material

The difference in the height of the new frame is very much influenced by the components of the roof. Wooden frames composed of frame, rafters, rafters, and battens. Whereas mild steel does not use rafters. Battens will usually directly rely on the frame. – frame so that the position of the new mild steel will be lower. So that the roof is stronger then it should be carefully calculated the height of the material on the roof.

  • Position raised about 18 cm on the wall

There will be a change in the height position on the roof which can cause a decrease in the position of the roof. If the renovated house experiences this condition, the wall must be raised at least 18 cm. This is done so that the position becomes balanced

  • The position of the roof is lowered

When the wall position is raised, now it’s the turn of the lowered roof position. As a result, the jamb or vent will be closed. Air circulation will become shorter and more stuffy. This elevation can be done by installing bricks added with new tie beams

  • Additional costs required

Sometimes the implementers of development consider raising it to be one of the most difficult things and require special techniques to do it. Also, of course, there are additional costs for implementation. So the development implementers often outsmart it by using a cuttings system and it’s easier to install. Although it is very dangerous, this system is a buffer in the form of mild steel as a distributor of roof loads to the ring beam. Its function is to replace the position of the walls and ring beams that should be elevated

  • A load on the load

Cuttings are very dangerous because the load used is on the support rod and not directly to the ring beam. The big risk that will be experienced is the occurrence of the movement of the roof due to the load ladder shaft of the penis. If it is not strong, it will collapse.

After the wall elevation process is complete, the process of installing a lightweight steel frame is then ready to be done. The installation process is not much different from the process of installing a new roof.

How to install a mild steel roof

The lightweight steel roof truss is made of various high-quality materials with zinc and aluminum. The steel will be formed to be very thin and stretched so that it can be used to meet the strengths following. Standard so that it can be stepped on and can hold tiles and platforms for about 10 years. To install a lightweight steel roof, the first thing to do is to make the frame as the mainframe and the coordinates. These plates can be formed with various models such as inverted U or I.

After installing the Frame, the next step is to install battens. Lath is a fastener frame and also coordinate with a transverse position right above the framing in rafters. The frame and rafters will then be bound together with battens to form a very strong and sturdy framework. The slabs on this batten have the smallest shape and size because it has a function as a retaining tile hanging as well as a spacer alignment on the tile so that the tile will be tidier and will also grip firmly.

Next, erect light steel on the wall using an L bracket. This material is attached to the pitching point area. There are several types of L bracket products, they are factory-made or self-assembled. You can install it using Dyna bolt. The next step is to install lightweight steel battens with profile battens. This can be mounted on frameback – approximately mild steel with a mounting distance that can be adjusted to the type of roof covering that will be used later.

After finishing, it’s time to install the molding. You can use several types of molding. But the type of molding that is often used is plain molding and wood grain The final step is the installation of the roof cover. For roofing, you can use ceramic tile or new tile or metal sand and non-sand tile.

The advantages of lightweight steel roofing

When compared with conventional wood or steel roofs there are several advantages when using lightweight steel roofs, namely as follows:

  • Has high tensile strength but is very light

The nature of mild steel is very easy in the process of transportation and roof truss construction. Very high strength per unit weight will make mild steel have a potentially small dead load. Therefore, mild steel is very suitable to be used as a roof structure, especially those that have very large spans.

  • Mild steel has tough and tough properties

The toughness of mild steel makes this material steel absorbs large amounts of energy. This steel can withstand very large deformations without causing a collapse in the tensile load. This steel can also withstand the burden of deformation both during the fabrication and construction processes without causing damage. Besides, the wooden frame is also flexible and flexible when used.

  • Has a uniform nature

Mild steel is produced with uniform quality standards so that the quality does not need to be doubted. Most of these materials have very good strength and are durable and their quality remains consistent

  • Resistant to termite attacks

Well, this is one of the advantages of lightweight steel roof truss when compared with wood. Mild steel withstands will not be exposed to termites so it will be very sturdy and not easily brittle. So no wonder, this material has a longer life than other types of material. Also, this mild steel is resistant to rust so that it will remain beautiful and beautiful when used for a long period.