The Noteworthiness of Using SumUp EMV over Magnetic Stripes


Secure transactions are the epitome of joy for each and every person. SumUp EMV, a global chip for credit card security, is an ingenious technology used for credit cards which require consent requests to acquire data that is stored in the card. The customer using the EMV agrees to the transaction by signing in the SumUp app on their smartphone or tablet. EMV is an easy merge of Europay, MasterCard, and visa.

Unlike the magnetic stripe which has all the customer’s details that are required prior and after payments, the EMV uses the “chip and PIN” advanced technology which makes it difficult for fraudsters to access details on the card if they do not have the four-digit PIN.

Why should you consider using a SumUp EMV Chip Card?

The SumUp EMV was fabricated to stop fraudsters from coming up with replicas of cards; which is possible with the magnetic stripe. A magnetic stripe, having clear details on payments to be made, makes it easy for cons to encode the details into a magnetic stripe and use it with a new card.

This enormous invention greatly helps to circumvent identity theft which is very easy with a magnetic stripe. A magnetic stripe being a ‘passed by time’ invention causes data breaches in many instances. For instance, in 2015, the Trump Hotel suffered unrepairable damages resulting from the access to consumer information by hackers. This led to a huge decline in sales by the hotel following the loss of hard-earned trust from their clients.

Numerous business enterprises have encountered the same challenge over the years. Identity theft is a huge cybercrime facing America today. This can be stopped by use of SumUp EMV. Marketing your business cannot get any simpler than this. Receipts can now be sent efficiently through e-mail, with tabulated information that is clear enough to you and your clients. Using SumUps EMV (credit card machine) is by far safer than using a magnetic stripe.

Currently, SumUp has branched out and started operations in the United States. In the long run, we plan on becoming the pioneers of the global credit card acceptance. Eventually, small merchants will definitely benefit from this state of the art technology massively. Investing in the use of SumUp EMV in your venture will greatly reduce frauds associated with an increase in customer numbers. The SumUp EMV pairs very easily with the Bluetooth technology and also comes free of paperwork and termination fees.