The movies to see or avoid this week

A must see

  • Call Me by Your Name, drama by Luca Guadagnini

As every summer, professor of archeology Perlman (Michael Stahlberg) invites a student to refine his thesis in his villa in Lombardy. The lucky winner is Oliver (Armies Hammer). His arrival irritates the son of the family, Elio (TimothiesCalumet), an early teenager who has to give his room to “the usurper”. Desiring to impress this host, Elio is won over by a disturbance that his complicity with his French friend Marzia(Esther Garret) does not dissipate. Get free Hd movie download Call Me by Your Name, nominated for four Oscars, including the best film, Luca Guadagnini signs a jewel of delicacy and humanity.

  • Lady Bird, drama by Greta Gerwig

Christine is 17 years old. We are not serious when we are 17 years old. First, do not call her Christine. She has renamed herself “Lady Bird” and at her Sacramento Catholic High School, she’s out of style. Greta Gerwig slips behind the camera to evoke her adolescence, celebrate this uncertain, turbulent, excessive moment, where it seems that no one is enough to understand you. The American (the only woman nominated for the Oscar for best director) practices “creative filming”. Either an autobiography tinged with freshness, spontaneity, served by dialogue with the cookie cutter, mixture of deep reflections and banalities.

You can see

  • The party is over, drama by Marie Garel-Weiss

The director film Celeste and Sichem, newcomers to a detoxification center. The camera attends the birth of their friendship. The awkwardness of this first feature film and the overflow of benevolent feelings do not obscure the performances of the two actresses: Zita Heorot and Clémence Boisnard. Watch full movie of The Party is over by moviescouch in free of cost.

  • Gangster, action movie of Adil El Arabi and BilalFalah

The Scoria fable is well-known: neighborhood bosses, fans of Scarface, burn their wings in the light of the criminal show biz. This chronic gangster innovates by its setting, the port of Antwerp, and its treatment. A hundred-minute editing and daring post-production effects pay tribute to techno, video games and kitsch of the 2000s.

To avoid

  • The wild boys, drama of Bertrand Mandico

Five idle and violent boys go on a boat with a captain of dubious morals. They land on an island whose vegetation grows lust. Forbidden to under 12 years, this film whose interest escapes us borrows with complacency old-fashioned aesthetics.

  • The Little Family, comedy by Dany Boon

A prominent designer prefers to portray himself as an orphan rather than to confess his shots origins. Family and identity are in the spotlight in the new Dany Boon, laughter much less.