Password Secure Safe Lock with Alarm- Anti theft

Today we will discuss two antivirus applications to facilitate you choose the appropriate antivirus application to your needs. Plus you will need the coolest security anti-theft app in the end of this article. So, let’s start.

360 security

This application is made by the company Qihoo, which is a giant internet company china. An application that has a full range of security features ranging from garbage cleaners, to blocking numbers and message that do not chill. This application can also make it a control center of your smartphone. Some of the features of this application are:

When opening this app you will be instantly shown the status of your smartphone’s entire memory. From here you can immediately clean your memory of useless junk files. And if this app finds a virus or other malicious files, you can simply clean it up.


There is an Accelerator & Power-Saver Menu that lets you view RAM status. With one button, you can instantly clean up your RAM from applications that are working and slow down the performance of your smartphone. It can also automatically clean up RAM from unused applications, so you can save battery life.

In addition there is a menu Call & message Blocker that can enter the numbers you want to block so you will not receive calls and message from the number. You can also manage APKs, move files or apps from internal memory to external memory, and delete apps you do not want with the App Manager menu. There is also an “Anti-Theft” menu that acts to follow up your lost or stolen smartphone. The “Monitor” menu monitors your internet data usage every day. You can limit your data usage per month by setting it on the available options.


Clean Master

This antivirus application is an application developed by the Android Cheetah Mobile Developer that is useful to throw the existing garbage data in the memory that causes your android phone hot quickly, and protect it from malicious program attacks. The features of this application are:

  • Millions of junk files from android apps can be analyzed by the clean master application, so when will clean up junk files more accurately.
  • Application master is a fast and intuitive application so easy to use, has a user interface that is nice to see and the effect of a charming transition.
  • On the Device Cooler menu, this feature will turn off the applications that cause the phone becomes hot because of it.
  • Can clear cache and residual files to increase MicroSD space, increase smartphone speed and improve overall android performance with Junk File Cleaning menu.
  • Memory Boost can increase the speed of Games and android applications, empty the memory, Features 1 Tap Boost and Game Boost makes you easy in optimizing the device directly from the homescreen.
  • Calculates CPU usage of running applications. Turns off battery-wasting apps and reduces android performance on CPU Boost menu
  • The anti-virus feature scans pre-installed apps and apps you use to avoid malware that is harmful to android so avoid installing trojan, virus, spyware, etc apps.
  • APP Manager, with this menu can make it easier to install android applications that are not used anymore.

Those are some features of the 360 ​​security antivirus application and the master clean. Of the two applications have different features that also have the shortcomings and advantages of each application. You can compare yourself to what you think fit your needs and wants. However both these applications have the same functionality, the only difference that is the comfort of you as a user in both these applications.

Password Secure Safe Lock with Alarm- Anti theft

Unlike the security of the previous type, there is now a cool security application that is Password Secure Safe Lock with Alarm- Anti theft. If you want to secure your mobile screen, instead of installing a smart screen locker, you should choose Secure Safe Lock Password with Alarm-Anti theft. Because this app is the best choice for mobile security with anti-thief alarm.

Smart screen lock in this application can secure your phone from intruders. Smart screen lock undergoes several revolutions. Many types and models of some smart screen lock application manufacturers are innovating.

Raises loud alarm mobile security Anti-theft app consists of three options like lock, wallpapers and themes. Best lock screen enables an option to lock your mobile with password keypad. When the wrong password will be entered from android screen lock with run music / sound of emergency that someone entering wrong password. The camera option is also built in the screen lock app, which will capture the picture of the person who entered a password in the phone to unlock it.

Screen Lock is with wallpapers- Password Secure Safe Lock with Alarm has amazing wallpapers and themes options in it. Best app in the security alarm apps. Home security alarm system option allows you to set HD wallpapers for locked screen. Keypad password lock screen provides easy way to protect mobile. (

You will not regret having installed this app. Easy to use but not easy to hack by thieves. Download this app in here.