Industry Leading Survey Equipment: The BramorppX UAS Survey Drone

Technology is advancing at an incredible rate, innovating and improving the way we work and live. With survey equipment advancements this field is also seeing amazing growth, and leading this advance is the BramorppX UAS survey drone.

What makes the Bramor so amazing, you ask? See for yourself:


Operational excellence

In cases where surveying needs to be done over remote areas without a grid of ground control points UAVs are far more effective than traditional survey drones, and the Bramor proves even more effective with its 3.5 hour flight endurance. This on its own is impressive, providing more than double most UAV flight endurances.

The Bramor is also able to fly up to an operational ceiling of 5000 m above ground level, and it can even fly in wind speeds of up to 60 km/h. Its advanced composite material airframe also provides a greater standard of survivability, ensuring that its usefulness will last.


Best accuracy on the market

Survey equipment needs to be as accurate as possible. The Bramor delivers the best accuracy on the market at the moment with a rating of down to 0,6 cm.


An impressive track record

Nothing speaks to the efficacy of survey equipment like positive user reports like this one from surveying engineer Jan Zorec:

“We would not have been able to map more than 300 km of a remote railway like in Ethiopia in a week without Bramor’s capability to acquire data without a preplaced grid of ground control points.”

This proves that a survey job which could have easily taken months to complete was handled in just five days with the help of this innovative survey drone.


An array of sensor options

The Bramor’s capabilities extend even further than this, thanks to its wide array of sensor options. You have at your disposal a range of sensors from visible light to multi- and hyper spectral sensors. There are also gas laser sensors which have been proven able to detect 0.05 ppm of methane in the air, identifying areas at risk of gas leaks.


Where can you find one of these?

Surveying instrument suppliers like Afgen will have this and other survey equipment to cater to your every surveying need.