How VOIP Calling Is an Important Factor in Global Business

Voice-over-Internet (VoIP) has revolutionized the way organizations function by bringing about efficiency, speed, and ease in internal business communication. Researchers, academicians, business heads and managers are all discussing VoIP, and it certainly seems to be the buzzword in the current dynamic business arena.

So what is this technology and what makes it work so well for modern business organizations? Well, this VoIP is a radical technology works by translating sound into digital voice communication and thereby transferring it through Internet broadband. So the basic concept behind this is that you are using the power of the internet to make real-time telephone calls and it’s a great way to streamline your business communication policies.

There’s no doubt about the fact that VoIP is a unifying platform that will fundamentally affect how companies utilize voice to compete on the business battlefield and give a massive competitive advantage to its wide user base. A VoIP system can definitely bring about a high level of efficiency and productivity in the core functionality of any business organization. Let’s have a look at how VoIP can be leveraged as a strategic business tool that can transcend your internal communication to great heights.

  • Make Sure to invest in a Second Internet Connection for Continuity: What will you do if your internet provider has a breakdown and your entire VoIP system shuts down in the middle of a hectic workday? Having a functional second internet connection is a must-have to ensure a continuous and unbroken service of your VoIP – in fact, you can imagine it to be a backup power generator! If due to any unexpected contingency, your primary internet connection stops working, your second net connection activates to make sure your voice and data services don’t get disrupted. Make sure that both your net providers are different so that there is never a complete shutdown of communication services. So don’t get complacent with this important aspect and get smart by having an efficient backup system in place to get the best out of your VoIP technology!
  • Get the Best SIP Provider: The backbone of an effective voice-over-internet-protocol is a reliable SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunk which facilitates heavy traffic inbound and outbound calls through digital networks. Make sure to choose the best SIP provider in the market as it can make a dramatic difference to your overall cost savings on voice communications. However, signing on to the lowest cost provider may force you to compromise on call quality due to least-cost routing. It is wise to do adequate market research so as to make an informed choice. So what are you waiting for? Get the best return on your investment and great service quality by choosing the best SIP vendor for your business.
  • Get Smart by Implementing Quality-Of-Service: Call quality or clarity is always a primary consideration for any organization that utilizes a phone system. So how do you make sure that your VoIP gives you the best sound quality? Quality-of-Service is a transformational mechanism that allows you to prioritize packets of information over other packets so that critical business information can reach its destination without any delay. Failure to implement quality-of-service may lead to your digital sound packets becoming fuzzy, unclear and disturbed – thereby affecting the sound quality of calls in a negative manner. So remember, quality-of-service is the best tool to get for your VoIP to get crystal clear audio transmissions and prevent any kind of undesirable user experience.
  • Invest in Securing Your VoIP setup: Good security is the key to ensuring that full privacy is maintained and your precious information does not get leaked through your VoIP. It is critical to prevent hackers from unauthorized entering into your phone system and making unwanted calls – that could lead to huge costs and loss of confidentiality. It is strongly recommend by IT experts to use a SIP proxy, which is basically a service that routes requests to the end user’s location and stringently authorizes users for voice services. Avoid VoIP systems that are open-source telephonic platforms as they are prone to hacking attempts. Another great solution is to use a virtual private network (VPN) to secure and encrypt voice packets through the phone system. Don’t compromise on security – keep you VoIP setup safe to optimize its utility for better bottom line results!
  • Track the Quality of Your VoIP Service: Any business service needs to be constantly monitored and evaluated for improvements that could lead to better performance. There are a number of factors that can degrade the quality, speed, and clarity of your voice calls, especially if the fundamental data network is not robust in nature.  It is just the same with your VoIP system also, and organizations should calculate the MOS or Mean Opinion Score for complete knowledge of VoIP quality. This metric has been used for decades and is an indicator of the user’s holistic view of the quality of the network. A high MOS score of 5 represents excellent quality, similar to a face-to-face conversation, whereas a low score of around 1 represents poor sound quality. Endeavour to track the results of your VoIP quality, so that all efforts can be made to enhance the efficiency of the system!

VoIP is the future of business communication technology! Break free from the boundaries of traditional phone systems that involve high expenses, disruptions, and poor sound quality. VoIP is easy to install, use and multi-functional, thereby it will definitely positively change the way your organization communicates!  The early adopters of this far-reaching technology will definitely reap colossal benefits for your organization through better productivity, efficacy, and cost-savings. So make sure you invest in a VoIP right now to get your profit levels soaring and uplift your internal business communication to a new high!