Get The Lay Of The Land With Land Surveying Equipment


You need the best land surveying equipment in order to complete projects as efficiently and accurately as possible, and the Polaris TLS Series Laser Scanner has proven itself a worthy partner. It is by no means the only piece of laser survey equipment on the market amongst terrestrial scanners, but here are some points to show how the Polaris has been made to benefit you.


Surprising range flexibility

Compromising on either range, quality or affordability is no longer a concern. The Polaris enters the market at a highly competitive rate compared to short range laser survey equipment, while at the same time outperforming longer range scanners as well.

To ensure that you get the perfect range capability for your project needs, ask your surveying equipment supplier for one of the three Polaris models: the 250, 750 or 1600. As proof of how simple and convenient this land surveying equipment is, each of these numbers represents the maximum range of the model in meters.


Intuitive user interface

The Polaris laser survey equipment sports an intuitive touch screen display. Everything you need to control the device and make sense of the information is right there in front of you. The on-board operator interface provides you with complete menu-driven operations which make the entire process so much easier, so you can focus more on your surveying work than on operating the device.

Another intuitive bonus afforded by the simplicity of this land surveying equipment is that you can learn to operate it with just a few hours of training. You won’t have to sit through days, weeks or months of training that wastes time you could have spent working.


Built for surveyors, by surveyors

One of the greatest benefits of the Polaris to surveyors is that it was designed and built by fellow surveyors. You know what you need in your industry and work, so having land surveying equipment that has been specifically designed by those in your field is invaluable to your work. To give you an idea of how this device can benefit you and your project efficiency, here’s a list of just a few of its many nifty features:

  • Compass
  • GNSS receiver (upgradeable to L1 and L2 signals)
  • Weather-proof housing
  • 120° by 320° field of view (5 mm accuracy)
  • Internal cameras and auxiliary sensor capabilities

These are just a few of the elements added to this innovative piece of laser survey equipment.

Get in touch with the experts over at Afgen to find out more and make use of their survey equipment supplier excellence. They’ve been involved in this industry since 1946, growing with the times, trends and technology. Give them a shot, they’ll always measure up and you won’t be disappointed!