The Importance of Proof of Concept / Free Trial Before Choosing a Cloud Provider

By understanding how important the use of cloud technology is in supporting your business activities, of course, you don’t need to think again to start using it immediately. After you search for information here and there regarding existing Cloud-managed networks services, you decide to choose the vendor of your choice. However, there is one more step you can take. Before deciding to use this service, you should take advantage of the free trial feature provided by the vendor. Here are some reasons.

 Proving Yourself The Quality Of The Products To Be Purchased

The main goal for you to use the free trial is to experience the practicality offered by these vendors. Of course, the first time, you are tempted by their promos and slogans that offer this and that, right? You can prove this directly by taking the free trial. By trying the free trial that is offered for a few days, you can find out whether the quality of service they provide is by their promises and promos.

In order not to Regret it Later

The consideration of using Cloud managed sdn networks services is a long-term investment. Therefore, because you will be using it for quite a long time, it is important to ensure that the service is the best for your company. Do not let when you have signed a contract and after a few days it turns out that the service is not commensurate with the funds that you have spent. To avoid this, a free …