8 Tips to Become a Successful Bitcoin Trader

So, today should be a smart investment. Bitcoin and others currencies like DavorCoin is again a trend! Maybe some of you already have tried but many times, not profit. Well, there’s something wrong. Check out the following tips:

  1. Learn bitcoin and blockchain technology – If you want to succeed in bitcoin trading, you must understand what is blockchain technology. After that just learn about bitcoin and some other altcoin. One of them is DavorCoin Review.
  2. Learn Technical Analysis with Candlesticks – Compulsory law you learn technical analysis in trading. Always use candlesticks rather than line because candlesticks store more information analysis.
  3. Learn to make trading journals – Record anything that happens in any increase and decrease in BTC. The more you understand why it can go up or down, the sharper the analysis you get, the higher the profit you will get.
  4. Learn from every mistake – Experience is the best teacher. Never regret if you make a mistake. It is okay. The more we learn the wrong more wrong.
  5. Do not take too much risk in the beginning – This is a fundamental mistake that often occurs. Usually when we just start trading, we often directly want to deposit BTC in large amount. Be patient first. Observe the market do not rush.
  6. Create a reasonable target – In Crypto trading, you must have a target. When to buy or sell. Otherwise, your trading feels empty. Have been playing for so long but fortunately continue.
  7. Do not reckless – Crypto trading like bitcoin should not spoil. Reckless is our own opponent. The more reckless, the more inconsequential our analysis.
  8. Learn the correlations between cryptocurrencies – There is always a relationship of BTC movement with the growth of other altcoins. For example, this week suddenly BTC up to 80 million, we must know why. Is there anything to do with the rise of Bitcoin Gold. If we know the correlation, our analysis can be more profound.

So roughly short tips from me. Happy trading!