6 Different Types of Flowers You Can Choose for Different Occasions

Sometimes we feel the world should come to an end, then we remember the bloom and blossom of flowers. How can the world come to an end with flowers in it? Those beautiful and dynamic blooms and glamour of life.

Flowers are dynamic in the sense that there is a flower for every occasion. We got to know this through Collected.Reviews and by reading users and customer reviews about each kind of flower there is. Listed below are 6 different types of flowers you can select for different occasions.

Wedding Flowers:

Flowers are key to the planning and arrangement of wedding programs. And there are just about different flowers that could be used. We have listed four below.

  • Gardenias for joy and happiness
  • Hydrangeas for emotions and feelings
  • Amaryllis for love and doggedness
  • Calla lilies for royalty and elegance

Valentine’s Day Flowers:

Ever witnessed a Val Day without the use of bouquets and flowers? If you have, kindly report them to our flower police. We mean, what sort of Valentine does not consider the use of flowers? Here are some flowers that apply to Valentine.

  • Coral roses for desire, feelings, and affection
  • Pink roses for attraction and admiration.
  • White roses for chaste, untainted love
  • Yellow roses for friendship and companionship

Special Occasion Flowers:

Flowers may be used to typify that sense of achievement and fulfillment. Whether you graduated from high school or just got promoted, you would need flowers to keep you reminded of your efforts and commitment. Some flowers you can use or gift someone include:

  • Orchids for beauty, charm, and strength
  • Jasmine for grace and elegance
  • Camellia for excellence and finesse

Mother’s Day Flowers:

Do we not all agree that mothers are the salt of life? Mothers make society what it currently is and what better way to appreciate them if not with flowers. Try some of these flowers on Mother’s Day.

  • Lily-of-the-valley to signify sweetness and love.
  • Dwarf sunflowers to signify deep adoration
  • Red tulips to show and declare love
  • Yellow tulips like putting a smile on sunshine

Sympathy Flowers:

You want to send your condolences to someone you love but don’t know where to begin? Do it with flowers. Try some of the flowers listed below.

  • Primroses to remind of love and commitment
  • Red roses to remind of passion and emotions
  • Pink carnations to remind and remember
  • Chrysanthemums to honor a full life

Christmas Flowers:

Christmas is seasonal and just like winter, there are flowers that best capture such seasons. You might have used some of them in the past or be gifted. Here are quite a few.

  • Christmas roses to signify a gift for Christ
  • Holly is for eternal life and divination
  • Winter jasmine is a gift to God and suggests purity
  • Narcissus is for rebirth, renewal, and reconnaissance


The symbols of flowers are immense and dynamic. Flowers capture every occasion. Learning what the symbols mean would help you decide what flowers to use and to what occasion