4 Things to Think About When Transforming Business in The Digital Age with OneLogin

Adapting the industry for the technological age feels like a fruitless task. There’s usually so much to keep track of that it becomes more daunting than it’s worth, so it makes sense that one would try to find ways around this through enlisting the aid of other services in the process.

Standing out among the rest of them is OneLogin, a curious new service that aims to help solve many of these issues by creating a central place for your databases to be integrated into and be accessed from. One of the difficulties about centralizing your data is that it can leave you vulnerable to cyber-attacks, but OneLogin recognizes this and tries to work around it through providing different levels of authentication.

To look into it more, we decided to look into what exactly OneLogin does for businesses. The result? It tends to work on a few levels:

1.      Facilitate third party access

Centralizing the way people access data can be an important thing, especially when you consider how businesses are continually expanding their models to involve third parties for customer interaction. Making it easier for third parties to integrate their services into your main hub makes running your business more streamlined.

2.      Making usable, but secure experiences

Helping your users become adapted to your new services is important to getting the most out of them, so it’s not an unreasonable goal to aim for making intuitive, engaging experiences. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice security to do so, though, as it’s possible to combine the two.

3.      Cyber-attacks are a modern-day threat

Cyber-attacks are an incredibly real and also an incredibly modern dilemma. You can either deal with the inevitability, or you can find a way around them. OneLogin lets you control the accessibility to the various applications by offering both single sign on (SSO) and multifactor authentication (MFA).

4.      Not adapting can leave your business in the dust

Because of the ever-shifting technological landscape, it can surely be a “survival of the fittest” as far as business is concerned. In terms of sticking to what has worked, businesses can often feel too much pressure to change and opt for staying the same as a coping mechanism. Ultimately, this doesn’t do any favors for your service or the consumers, due to the changing technology making it necessary to eventually conform. It can also be pricey to stick behind due to the amount of technological difficulties and bugs that often result from trying to use old software on new devices. You may have to employ more customer service representatives as a result of increased complaints and inquiries, which can lead to more confusing and expensive results.

All of these points are things that businesses should be thinking about if they want to find success, but that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult. After considering all of these things, it seems as though there is definitely some merit to One Login.