3 Reasons Why the Quality of Your Event WiFi Matters

A noteworthy trade show features well-known, influential speakers. A great fashion show boasts music and lighting that suits the collection as well as the collection suits the models. Aesthetic and ambiance are key elements of any event, but they aren’t the only ones.

We may not be able to see WiFi, but event producers and attendees alike certainly notice when it is subpar. Trade show internet solutions for event organizers are easy to find but you have to make sure you know what you’re getting. Presenting 3 reasons why the quality of your event WiFi matters.

We spoke with Made By WiFi and they gave us 3 reasons why the quality of your event WiFi matters

Event WiFi plays a critical role in:


1. Leveraging the Moment

Most, if not all, major events are thrown to promote brands and new products. During a well-produced event, the brand or product of the hour is at the forefront of guests’ minds.

In the age of social media, it’s critical that event-goers have a solid Internet and WiFi connection, so that they can share their experience, utilize event hashtags and help you yield the most ROI.


2. Streaming Live Video

One scroll through your Facebook feed and it’s clear: video content is king. Event producers have taken note. A growing number of events are simultaneously unfolding in front of the camera and in front of the world.

Fast-paced, easy to digest and fun to watch, event live streams help you mix and mingle with the segment of your audience that couldn’t physically attend. Make a good first impression with zero lag time, crystal clear sound and crisp visuals. For this, you’ll need an excellent WiFi connection with low latency bandwidth and a minimum of 5mbps per device.


3. Increasing Productivity

If you’re planning a charity gala, tradeshow, or any event where there will be on-site transactions, relying on cellular connections is asking for trouble. You need an event Internet and bandwidth solution that allows vendors to quickly and efficiently complete credit transactions within a secure environment.

Take productivity a step further with a branded splash page. Find an event WiFi solutions provider that provides you with splash page customization options that are designed to capture guests’ attention as well as their demographic data.

We get it, prioritizing event WiFi is easier said than done. Talking with an event WiFi provider seems to require a Master’s degree in Computer Science. Working with one often involves sacrificing your vision and paying hidden costs. It doesn’t have to be this way.

When researching temporary event WiFi providers in your area, there are a few signs of credibility you should look for:


  • On-Site Support

    • The relationship between event producer and WiFi provider shouldn’t end at network installation. You want an accountable, dedicated professional maintaining the performance of your network during the event, when it is most needed.

  • Custom Splash Pages

  • Dedicated Bandwidth

    • Your event doesn’t simply require high-speed Internet. It calls for consistently high-speed Internet to power cash registers, photo booths and the many Snapchat stories your event inspires.


Follow this advice and you’ll find what you need—an event WiFi provider as committed to your event’s success as you are.