Who doesn’t want to travel by aeroplane? It’s the fastest and most hassle-free of all methods of travelling. What stops us is the huge price of the air ticket, especially for those travelling to Delhi. Tickets to Delhi are the most expensive as compared to all other metropolitan cities. I mean, you can get flights in the range of Rs.2000 from one metropolitan city to another. But with Delhi, you are hard-pressed to find a flight that suits your budget. Going through the same difficulties repeatedly has taught me a thing or two, and I would like to share it with everyone.


  1. Book Bangalore to Delhi cheap air tickets

Bangalore to Delhi traffic is huge! Keeping in mind Economics’ laws- higher the competition lower is the price, it can be easily assumed that flights from Bangalore to Delhi will have cheap air tickets. But, don’t just go on an assumption. Check in the various apps like Yatra, and select a date and a flight which fits your pockets. The cheapest fares start from Rs.2300 if you book a month in advance, and the cheapest ones a week from now is about Rs.3800. Booking from Bangalore also gives a huge benefit for those who are landing in Kempegowda International Airport. In Bangalore, the Domestic, as well as the International Airport, are in one building. So, you won’t have to move about a lot with your luggage after a foreign trip.


  1. Book from Mumbai to get slashed prices of flights

Mumbai too has a heavy commute to and from Delhi. Being a hub of all the cool things in India, Mumbai is one of the best cities to board your flight to Delhi. The cheapest fare being Rs.2300 a month from now, and Rs.2900 a week from now, Mumbai is almost comparable to Bangalore, except the lowest price in Mumbai is Rs.2003 if booked 3 months in advance, while in Bangalore, the lowest fare is stuck at Rs.2300. Also, if your flight is Jet Airways, Air India or Vistara, the takeoff will be from Terminal 2, which is the International Airport. And, you may just get lucky and spot someone famous too!


  1. Book well in advance

This is a no-brainer. If you want to save your hard-earned money, book at least a month or two in advance. You might get offers below Rs.2000 too if you are lucky. Keep your holiday planned well in advance, so you know the exact date of departure. Flight tickets keep getting costlier as the days slip by. So, be very alert.


  1. Keep your eyes peeled for offers online

The flight booking apps often spin some offers, discounts and cashbacks on your path. Be sure to keep your eyes open for them and make the most of them.


  1. Book from Chennai

Chennai, being a metropolitan also has high air traffic rushing towards and from Delhi. Being an almost student-populated city, flights in Chennai have special student fares available too. Although flights from Chennai are a bit more expensive, if you are nearer to this city, it will save you the cost of travelling to Mumbai or Bangalore to board your flight. Starting fare is Rs.3300 two weeks from now, and the lowest ever fare from Chennai is Rs.2500.


  1. Try out a combination of railways, roadways and flights

Book train tickets to any of the above mentioned metropolitan cities to escape the absurdly high prices of air tickets in your city. If you are in the Southern hemisphere of India, excellent bus networks connect most of the cities in there. Depending on your comfort zone, you may book a sleeper bus to your choice of metropolitan city. The prices start at about Rs.500.


So, what are you waiting for? Implement these tips and behold the miracle of still maintaining your bank balance after booking air tickets to Delhi.