Why You Really Need a Vpn

When one gets a computer or a digital device, the things that should be downloaded and installed are an antivirus/anti-malware solution/prevention and a firewall. Apart from getting a firewall and an antivirus solution, one should also get a VPN installed.

VPNs are important to keep one’s online footsteps concealed. There are several reasons why one would require VPNs. These reasons range from actual security threats to just using a VPN to feel better protected. Here are some reasons why you should have a VPN installed into your device as soon as possible.

To Override Location Based Restrictions

There are different online shows, websites, applications and programs on the internet which are geographically bound. These programs or sites are made available only to specific locations.

There is the possibility of using a browser-based proxy tool which tricks the service into believing that one is in another country. However, there is a price to be paid for this. The price is having slower network connection.

With the help of a virtual private network, one can overcome restrictions based on geographical locations. All one needs to do is specify which local server to use from the plethora of servers the VPN has.

Securely Browse on Public Wi-Fi

There is access to free Wi-Fi in lots of places like malls, cafes and hotels. The network in these places with free Wi-Fi is often insecure. The insecure nature of these free Wi-Fi sources can lead to issues like getting malware from another device through the router, falling victim to phishing scams and people picking up unencrypted radio waves because the browsing is unencrypted.

Escaping Government Censorship

There are countries which have censorship placed on the citizens’ use of the internet by the government. This could lead to the growth of totalitarianism and tyranny. Most times these countries have cases of violence and/or injustice being perpetuated against the citizens. The citizens need to get their stories heard and communicate with others living outside the country.

The encrypted nature of a virtual private network makes it possible for the revolution to be broadcast or to grow beyond what the government allows. It keeps one’s presence online private.

Ensure That Your Voice Chats Are Secure and Private

It would be nice to be sure that voice chats are secure and that these chats are not being listened to by someone. Unfortunately, most Voice-Over-IP (VOIP) applications do not have the inbuilt encryption feature unlike WhatsApp. Using a VPN can settle this issue.

Your Collaborations Can Be Entirely Private

Sometimes one has to collaborate with people, use cloud drives and group chat platforms and tools. These platforms are often the target of those engaged in industrial espionage, intellectual property/copyright thieves and hackers. Employing a VPN to encrypt the data is perfect for protection against these things.

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