Why today’s freelance network engineers have gig economy on their side


Why Freelance Network Engineers Have The Gig Economy On Their Side

In today’s modern internet-connected economy, there are few professions more in demand than network engineers. There aren’t many companies that aren’t in need of these skilled, often highly-specialized professionals. From customer facing web platforms to big data driven business applications and cloud services, the corporate network is where the life of the business now resides.

The educational requirements to become a network engineer, which often requires a master’s degree in information systems, keep the supply of qualified workers relatively low. In the supply and demand world, this means that network engineers find themselves with a high degree of leverage when choosing a job. It also guarantees that they’ll never run out of opportunities for work.

Due to the overwhelming demand to fill network engineer jobs in order to keep information flowing smoothly in these complex networking environments, companies are often turning to contract employees to meet their needs. This has spawned a large and ever-growing gig economy in the sector that is creating lucrative and exciting opportunities for the freelance network engineer.


Meeting The Demand For Employers

An excellent example of the kind of platforms available for employers to locate and hire talented freelance network engineers can be found at Fieldengineer.com. By utilizing such a service, businesses avoid the human resources challenges associated with conducting an exhaustive candidate search. Using advanced artificial intelligence, freelance network engineers are matched to available open positions based on their qualifications and specialties. The business gets access to the talent pool at no cost, and the freelancers are already pre-screened with background checks to assure quality.


Major Benefits For Freelancers

The high demand for their skills and the rapidly evolving job marketplace means that workers in the field can feel much more comfortable eschewing a staff position in favor of shorter-term contracted work. Gone are the days when personal connections would make the biggest difference in the success or failure of the freelancer. By taking advantage of the digital marketplace that is now at their fingertips, networking professionals need only focus on keeping their skills sharp and relevant to the latest technology. The need is so great for their talents that the work will find them, instead of the other way around.


Making The Most Of A Booming Industry

One thing is clear: the boom in the technology industry isn’t going away soon. If anything, it will continue to grow at an exponential rate. For this reason alone, making the decision to go freelance is offering network engineers the ability to take on challenging projects at excellent pay scales. The uncertainty that has been removed by the thriving gig economy is making freelance work an attractive option that cannot be ignored. Due to the very nature of the work, it’s likely that there is more money to be made in contract work than in salaried positions, and that may turn out to be a permanent shift in the industry.