Various Costs for Preparing to Enter Elementary School

The new school year is another matter for young parents. Especially if you have many children, can you imagine the inconvenience of thinking about school fees? School considerations now differ from previous eras, which only mattered that it was cheap or near home. Curriculum, facilities, language, comfort, and the like are the benchmarks for school selection for the child’s future. At present, the International School St. Andrews, Green Valley, International School St. Andrews, Green Valley is the best International school eastern seaboard in Thailand.

Already know, if the model school is not cheap. We are not only talking about contributions to education development, after summarizing there are 7 components of education costs that must be prepared, namely:

Entry fee

Generally known as the initial cost of building that is paid only once in the first year when the child enters school to build or complete the school’s physical facilities. This total money can make the heart of a different parent beat because sometimes the price exceeds the cost of admission to tertiary institutions. But yes, of course, it is the same as the education facilities that children will get.

Monthly fee

monthly education coaching contributions some cool schools really spend money. Therefore, having a long-term investment from the start, such as Mutual Fund Shares, is absolutely mandatory, especially if you aspire to put your child in the best school. Expensive prices can be digested if you have invested from the start.

Annual fee

In addition to the 2 mandatory fees above, ask the school to re-register / annual fees. This payment is made 5 times or each new teaching, then mentally prepared also because of the possibility of large amounts, depending on each school.

Uniform Cost

That money does not include the purchase of uniforms, you know. The nominal is high considering that schools require students to wear different uniforms every day. Not to mention the cost of adjustment if what you get from school is still fabric.

Book Cost

Maybe there are schools that still apply the use of printed books in their learning or even all have gone through e-books. But it’s still not free unless you can borrow it at the library. Books also have a variety of needs, some are specific to schools and some support knowledge outside of school. Give it to the child.

Lunch fee

Learn also whether the school provides lunch or you have to prepare it yourself. Some schools provide lunch with fees charged for donations for educational training, but some also invite parents to choose a school catering vendor and pay directly to catering. If you want it cheap, definitely bring lunch from home.

Tutoring fees

This additional course is outside the cost of education. Parents often give this to children on the grounds of helping to overcome learning problems or want to maximize the child’s potential. It’s better to ask the children if they want it. Because coercion that appears will affect the psychological child.

Don’t read it when you are stressed. As long as you have an Equity Fund as your investment, the issue of tuition will be closed. The important thing from now on so that your mind is calm.