Vacation – A fantasy!

Nowadays, vacation, holiday, break, family time all seem to be fantasy or wish. Life has become tough, lifestyle has become fast and aloof. All the time busy with work, earning money. Spending less time with family, friends are out of touch. The only friends we have are actually mere acquaintance. All are getting used to it. Kids nowadays prefer playing games on laptop or smartphone, all the activities they have are indoor. That time is long gone where kids used to play outdoor games with other kids of the neighborhood. They have become so used to stay indoor that going outside and playing is a task for many. Preferences have changed. Priorities have changed. So it will not be wrong if one says that a family vacation is just a fantasy for many. In case of nine to five job, it’s not like they love their job hence all the time working. In many cases it is not really a nine to five job, the time span is much more than that. And when they come back home, they hardly have energy to enjoy any other thing. Spending an hour with family also seems hard.


But what we need to keep in mind that life can never be easy. It will be tough. Life is all about managing relationships be it at home or office or friends. It is a test. Not all feels trapped in this congested time. Not all feels suffocated due to overload of work. They make time for themselves for their own good. If they can others who are finding it difficult also can. It needs a lot of effort and that is it. Many prefers to sit at home in the weekend having a me time. The workload has made people so self-conscious that everyone prefers to be alone in their me time and even in that me time they are doing some work which is related to their job. But what about the family time. You cannot and should not only sit at home and have your personal time. It is not healthy. You can be an introvert yet it is not healthy for yourself nor your relationships.


They say maintaining relationship and being the loved one among everyone is an art. It’s not easy and all are not capable of mastering in that art. Put effort for all. And the best way is to have luxury retreats. This will take away all the stress and will give you an opportunity to spend time with your closed ones. Reaching the destination and enjoying their gives tremendous joy but what is more joyous is when you sit and plan the vacation with your closed ones. Where to go, how much to spend, deciding a budget, should it be a luxurious vacation or a tight budget vacation. The planning and the enthusiasm and excitement is what make it more joyous.


So, do not treat vacation as an unachievable fantasy. It is just a vacation, a mere break which we all deserve in our hectic lifestyle.