Top Ways to get your Posts Seen More on Facebook

Facebook noticed that more ads were being posted than personal posts. As a result, they announced that they would make some changes late last year. This means that the algorithm will be tweaked to decrease the visibility of online ads and increase that of personal posts. This makes sense since most people create accounts on Facebook to connect with their friends/family/colleagues. While the intention to bring back the “humans” on the feed sounds like a good idea, it presents a challenge to businesses that rely heavily on their online presence.

Recent studies show that brand posts only reach approximately 6% of their followers and the numbers are bound to decrease given the changes Facebook has made. This does not mean, however, that businesses should just deactivate and stop posting online. The good thing about these changes is they present an opportunity for brands to be more creative with their posts. This gives Facebook business pages a personal feel so and will be more effective engaging with their audience.


Target your Page Posts

Did you know that you can target your page posts? If you explore Facebook page settings, you will see that you have the option to set a specific audience for your users. This can be done according to age, location, gender, relationship status, profession and more. This helps to guarantee that your target market will be able to view your content. This feature makes target posts more efficient, ensuring that your efforts are not in vain. For more help with targeting your posts, contact Facebook help at



Use Photos and Videos Wisely

Since we’re all visual by nature, making use of photos and videos to boost your online presence is helpful. Facebook announced that it will lessen the visibility of text posts to make room for photos and videos. It’s important to utilize as much brand related imaging as possible to grab people’s attention. Upload content that’s visually appealing but still contains a good information. When choosing a video clip, make sure they aren’t too long so the viewer doesn’t lose interest. When used correctly, these photos and videos can improve your target market engagement. Your brand reach will gradually increase.


Expand Your Reach with Paid Promotions

Work smart by using paid promotions to amplify your reach. This requires money but think of it as an investment that will help you drive more traffic to your business page. Run through your posts once again and plan on how much you want to spend for each post. The best way to go about this is to spread your budget evenly and not spend everything on one Facebook ad or boost.

You also have a say on how often the ads should appear. For example, you can let an ad run for one to two days and then pause the ad so you can create a fresh ad set and do the same thing. The pause is crucial, so you can assess if the strategy is working. This helps you to avoid spending your money on something that does not give you the results that you want.


Conversational Posts

Be creative with your posts on Facebook. One way to improve your engagements is by starting conversations. Your visibility increases whenever people reply to your posts. Make sure that you write sentences or questions that are informative, encourage them to think and make them want to hit the reply button. Replies to your post cause the post to appear on their network’s feed, giving you more visibility.

Write about your product, post fun and interesting trivia about your company or ask questions. You want to engage and induce interaction with your followers. Remember, It’s important that your posts should stay related to your business or organization. These conversations and interactions will allow you to learn more about the people following your page, what words appeal to them and what interests them.


Join the Bandwagon

Watch for trending topics and use these to engage your target market. When a Facebook user clicks on a trending topic, they see a wide selection of posts from different users and business pages. If these trending topics have something to do with your brand, then make use of that opportunity. Start conversations and engage your audience. This also increases the visibility of your page.


Post Frequently

Give people something to look forward to by posting frequently. The more you post, the better the chance that your audience will engage with your content. Facebook takes note of this and will show your posts to more people. Their algorithm retains information on what posts your audience wants to see from your page.

You may wonder about the frequency with which you should be posting. According to experts, a safe bet would be posting every two hours. Experiment; start by posting at different times of the day and observe which one has the most engagements. Facebook analytics keeps track of the net ‘Likes’ (thumbs up versus down) your page receives each day; use this information to schedule your posts.

Know What’s New and Use It

Observe and take note of the subtle changes on Facebook. They usually introduce fresh news feed features by promoting content. They give premiums to Facebook business pages that are quick to adapt to these changes. Case in point: Facebook Live. This is an excellent venue for you to promote content and interact with your audience. At this time, Facebook is giving more priority to live videos over other posts so go ahead and broadcast!

You can also check out Instant Articles. Articles are formatted in such a way that they can be easily adjusted to different screen sizes and mobile devices. This is important since people use different gadgets when browsing online.