Top Home Security Trends 2018

Home security has never been as important as it is now. You just never know when your home might be burgled, and your family put at risk. Fortunately, home security has been advancing at a significant pace over the last few years. What can we expect this year going forward?

More Home Cloud Options

Smart homes are becoming a reality fast. One area where this is particularly useful is in monitoring your home while you are away. You can check out the infographic from Safe at Last to see other smart home applications.

For the purposes of this post, however, the combination of smart home tech and cloud services work together to create a more secure environment. At one stage, data storage was a major expense when it came to home or business security systems.

You would need a lot of space to store the videos, and then hard drives to store footage later on. This added to the expense of any CCTV system. With more cloud options being available, though, this has changed significantly.

You don’t have to pay a fortune for data to be stored in the cloud. It’s also useful as you always have an offsite backup of all data. This means that you can store more data than before – instead of just footage, for example, you could also store data that was collected on a smart meter.

The other advantage of cloud solutions is that you can access your data from wherever you like. Did your neighbour see something suspicious going on in the house while you were away? Check in by accessing the footage stored in the cloud.

Remote Control of Your Home Alarm is Possible

And, when we say remote control here, we mean from a separate location or device. Let’s say, for example, that you can’t remember if you set the alarm when you left. You can check, and set it if necessary, from your laptop or smartphone, even if you are on the other side of the world.

This feature is being used quite effectively when it comes to smart locks as well. AirBNB hosts, for example, can unlock the premises for a guest without physically being there and can then relock by assigning a new PIN code when they leave again.

This remote arming and locking can be useful if you need to allow a workman to enter your home while you are away. Lock up again easily when they are done.

Pocket Drones that have Security Features

Drones had to come into things somewhere along the line. In this case, they can be used to follow you around. They fly about twenty feet above you and capture details of the scenery. If you are assaulted, the drone will record it.

It won’t be able to stop an attacker, but it might act as a type of deterrent if the assailant knows that they get caught caught on camera. There are still quite a few wrinkles to be ironed out, though. For example, standard drone operation is subject to strict privacy laws.

Could these personal drones leave you liable in the event that someone believes that their privacy has been invaded? We’ll have to see.

Cloud-Based Tech Means More Powerful Software

Once upon a time, when security systems were first being locked into computer systems, there where limits to what could be achieved. To achieve the best possible results, you would have to spend a fair amount on getting the right computer to back up your system.

The cloud again comes into play here. With devices being able to connect to the cloud, the need for complex systems within the devices is reduced. You don’t need a two-terabyte drive for a computer when backups are made to the cloud.

So, the cloud is more useful than just for storing data. It can also store the software needed to run systems. This means that the devices onsite can be smaller and less obtrusive.

What other advances can we expect? Watch this space for more details.