TheOneSpy Software Review – Best Computer Spy Software

Oh! So, you are fed up with the stuff, why your teens lurk on computer machines all the time? Let’s put this in a generous way, you are an employer and you want to do surveillance on your company’s owned windows and MAC machines to keep a check on their activities. It seems very ridiculous, spying on your employee’s activities without taking their consent, is no it? Well! I would say no, not at all! Why not! You have invested so much in your business and you don’t want to lose all your hard work due to negligence and due to the unprofessional behavior of our employees.

Why not can parents track activities of their kids and teens on computer laptops? You can do that, but in the professional and careful way to breach someone privacy legally. But How! Use TheOneSpy computer monitoring software that allows you to track your teen’s MAC and windows desktops in such a way that you can track the target computer device according to your own needs rather than scanning each and everything.

Concise introduction: Computer spying app

When it comes to peeping into the enclave of computer machine whether it is window or MAC, it will provide your exciting experience of tracking your target machine. It will provide you convincing computer spying power. Forget your legitimate reasons for tracking computer desktop machine, use can do magic and can do spy on the machines to the fullest. It has the power to track both OS such as windows and MAC with the help of its powerful monitoring tools.

Simply Install TOS computer spy app

Visit the official website of TheOneSpy, subscribed and get the password and ID for having access to the web portal. Now install the computer monitoring app on your target laptop device of windows or MAC. Activate the spyware for MAC and windows surveillance software and get access to the TOS online control panel and get started.

Features for MAC spying app


Website blocking

If you want to block particular website and you don’t want that your target user gets access to those websites. Just put the URLs into the filters and you will see target will enable to get access to the blocked websites on MAC laptop device.




Get keystrokes applied on the target MAC desktop by using keylogger of MAC tracking app. It will provide you passwords, messenger’s keystrokes, and email keystrokes. Use these keystrokes and get access to MAC accordingly.

Screen recording

A user can do make short back to back videos of the screen by hacking the front camera of the target MAC laptop and can view the activities. You just need to use the screen recording tool for MAC spy software.

Camera bug

You can create a bug and send it to the MAC device and once the command has received, it will capture photos. It will allow you to see who is really up to on the device.


A user can remotely capture the screenshots of all the activities happen on the target MAC device screen. All you need to use the screenshot tool of the MAC spyware.

Features for windows surveillance software


User-friendly reports

A user can get reports about the activities happen time to time on the window device; you can get reports with windows spyware.

Invisible Mode tracking

The windows surveillance software enables a user to sheath mode tracking in order to make sure the un-influence monitoring.

On-demand screenshots

A user can get screenshots according to their own demand for the activities happen on the screen of the window laptop device.

Online &offline tracking

There is no other productivity assessment tool that provides both online and offline tracking, but TOS.

Block website

Simply block that website that you think is not appropriate for the target user. Put the URLs of the websites and put into the filers.

Real-time Monitoring

You can spy on your windows desktop computer that you can get compete timestamp of all the activities happen.

Mighty Alarms

You can fix the alarms particularly on the activities that you really want to keep an eye on of your target on widow’s device. Use mighty alarms and stay updated.

Simple setup and Usage

You can easily install the Windows PC & laptop tracking app and get monitor the target device completely.


Computer spy software is the ultimate, reliable and undisputed tool that enables a user to track window and MAC computer PCs convincingly.