The Importance of Anti Virus on Computers

I can make sure most of you who have a computer must have an anti-virus installed on your computer right? However, many do not know or even do not care that most of their anti-virus has a lifetime, there is a trial period of 30 days, some are three months or 100 days.

We only know that computers have anti-virus installed, and we feel that it is enough to protect computers though many of the computer users do not realize that the antivirus on their computer is not functioning at all in protecting virus attacks.

My experience is handling many customer computers, the anti-virus they install has expired. Several times a pop-up message appeared telling me that subscription antivirus needed to be updated, but many users chose Ignore or closed the windows directly. Many do not know what the word appears. Even though it means their antivirus is no longer functioning because the registration period or the lifetime of the antivirus has expired or expired.

Some users install their computers or ask friends or relatives for help but don’t install any antivirus. Moreover, what happened? The machine is full of viruses and crashes. All data is lost. Regret did come later.

Not to mention I have met ‘computer experts’ who are ‘weird’ and said that antivirus is a good virus tasked with removing malicious viruses. Therefore it is better for computers not to install antivirus at all. Because according to him the antivirus brings side effects such as slow, unstable computers and so on, for that your operating system updates from Windows 7 to Windows 8. Activator Windows 8.1 can be downloaded here Windows activator.

There is another saying, “just safe, but after installing the antivirus, how come my files are all gone?”

The answer: That’s because all this time the virus has settled on the computer, and after the antivirus has been installed, then these files try to be cleaned of viruses, but because it has been severely damaged the data has to be deleted, or it could have been removed. Be a file while the original file is hidden by this virus.

Benefits of Antivirus So what are the uses of antivirus?

  1. Prevent virus and spyware attacks, both attacks via the internet or through removable media such as flash drives or memory cards.
  2. Monitor your internet usage activities, and some quality antiviruses will give a warning if the site you are entering has a virus or one of the phishing sites.
  3. Protection for file damage caused by virus attacks.
  4. Prevent crashes, or common terms hang on the computer because some viruses will burden your computer’s resources until your computer is unable to do anything.


Does your antivirus function

Make sure your computer already has an antivirus, and the antivirus works properly. How:

  1. Find out the expiration date.
  2. Check if the antivirus icon at the bottom right of the Start Menu is different than usual.
  3. Regularly update the virus and antivirus engine database. Quality antivirus is usually every day always issued a new virus database. Often, this update process automatically occurs when you connect to the internet unless you change the settings.