The difference between free and paid proxies

A proxy server is a special buffer between the user and the Internet, it is a server that resides online and caches files passing through it. They are divided into free and paid being different in their essential characteristics.
Actually, all the proxy servers, whether free or public, they have a short lifespan. Transmitting numerous requests, they can just go down. There is a sense to use the public servers only if you need to use a large number of them for a short time. Also, when choosing a proxy server you should base your decision on the software on your computers. This will allow not to overload the operating system for disconnection from the proxy server.
Usually, the server is configured separately for each program. This relieves form the necessity to reload the operating system. But if it is necessary, users can disable proxy at any time without restarting the browser.
One of the global and strong disadvantages of the using of free proxy servers is their insecurity. Hackers also have access to them and can reconfigure proxy servers in such a way as to redirect ordinary users to malicious sites that could infect devices with malicious code. In addition, with the help of free proxy servers, hackers often obtain an access to files on computers that connect users and to their personal information. For this reason, you need to steer clear from such potential situations and carefully consider the choice between free and proxy servers.
Paid proxy servers do not have such drawback, you can be assured by going to Such intermediaries are reliable and safe. Moreover, there is a team of professionals who can consult you and help to make the most appropriate choice. This is the best alternative for those users who are looking for options to surf the net anonymously. After the payment at the selected rate is done, the user is able to choose the most suitable server for him. There are several key parameters according to which you have to choose the proxy server:
● Response time.
● Speed performance
● Level of anonymity
● Cache speed
Paid proxy servers, as a rule, do not cause any problems to their users, such as proxies from the website
So, it should be noted that, in general, paid servers are safer and allow increasing the capabilities of the user. You just have to decide on what is the most suitable proxy server for you according to your goals and specifications.