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Aeration-What Is It And What Are Its Benefits? There are lawn care methods that you can use to maintain and keep your lawn beautiful. Regular watering, mowing and fertilizing will keep your lawn beautiful and healthy. The lawn of your grass should receive the right nutrients. One of the most popular lawn care method is aeration. Aeration will allow water and air to penetrate the lawn thatch or grass. Aeration can really make your lawn healthy and beautiful. If you want nutrients, air and water to enter the soil of your lawn then you need to use aeration method since it will create tiny holes on the soil. You will have a stronger lawn since this method helps roots grow deeply. One of the main reason why you need aeration is to alleviate the soil compaction of your lawn. Soil that are compacted has so much solid particles which prevents nutrients, air and water from entering the soil. Too much lawn thatch and heavy organic debris will destroy your lawn. Most homeowners are not aware if their lawn is qualified for aeration. This method is good for your lawn if you use it as a playground. If you have a newly built lawn then you should have aeration. Newly constructed lawn are often buried and stripped. When your lawn has a spongy feeling and if it easily dries out then you will need aeration. This means that you lawn has so much thatch. If you have layering the you need aeration. Air and water will enter the soil when the aeration will break the layering.
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Make sure that it is the growing season when you conduct aeration. This is the time when grass can fill up holes that were caused by soil plugs and heal them.
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They use different tools in aeration method such as the spike aerator and the plug aerator. Plug aerator will eliminate a plug or core of the soil and grass on your lawn. On the other hand the spike aerator will poke holes on the lawn. This tool uses a tine. You only need to conduct aeration when your soil is moist. It is very hard to aerate if you have dry soil. You should aerate your lawn after you water it. You should not leave any part on your lawn so you will break all of the compacted soil. You still need to regularly water, mow, and fertilizer your lawn after you are done aerating it. There are really a lot of benefits that are offered by aeration. Aeration can really make your lawn beautiful.