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Bible Studying And Reading, Know Their Difference It is a great habit to read the bible but, it is way better to study the passages and verses in it. This article is intended to inspire and educate people to have a deeper relation and stronger bond with God. Without further ado, let’s look what bible reading and bible studying is. Reading the bible means that they read the words on pages superficially and find no meaning in it. They do not let words to have impact on their lives. It’s lacking of life as for someone who is only reading the bible. There are no notes taken or recorded impressions which is the reason why if they receive a blessing, they forget about it quickly. Though, it is not actually bad to just do readings as it is capable of replacing secular books and articles that crowd out our spiritual things. It can be advantageous to read most especially if it is viewed as a way to saturate the mind with God’s Words in addition to studying. So speaking of studying, what is actually meant by bible studying? Studying is the process in which a person thoughtfully and carefully spends time in their bible whether you believe it or not. In this method, this consists of interpretation, application and observation with paper and pen in hand. The words start to take shape and make impression upon its reader the importance of applying it into their day to day life. Doing comparison and review of future studies is the main objectives of taking notes.
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Now that you have figured out what bible reading and bible studying is and to why they matter, let’s move forward to what makes them different.
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There are 3 major differences between studying and reading as a matter of fact and these are method, experience and attitude. Attitude of reverence is divided into 2 terms like for instance, when a student of bible reveres scriptures, they are drawn to search pages carefully. They’ll have the desire to search it on other media or books and want to know the bible, quote bible, talk bible, share bible and study bible. There are some easy to follow methods that may be seen as differences between reading and studying. Good methods are enough so by that, they can be passed on. The bible wasn’t intended for clergy or scholars as anyone can devote their time reading and studying it. Yet another difference of the two is the life changing experience it has. Having consistent conformity to image of Christ is more likely to happen if you’re studying the bible.