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It is Bad News for Lawyers to Get Involved in SEO

There is no doubt about it, lawyers need to get online presence to be better. Many lawyers can get more cases, if they can be seen online. SEO is something that some lawyers are getting into. The thing is SEO is not as complicated as you might expect with law, but it may be surprisingly difficult. One may not notice, but lawyers may be flirting with danger if they engage in SEO. SEO is not as simple at it seems. SEO for lawyers may be not the right idea at the moment. SEO for lawyers may end up wrong, if lawyers do it. Let’s find out why.

It would be a bad thing if you drive the jury to sleep in a trial. Not that you are a boring lawyer. Just like some writers, they tend to make people sleep online. The problem is that they will fall asleep without first knowing what you want to say. It is not good SEO for lawyers. We have to face reality, humans in general, have short attention spans. Some people may be attentive up to 15 minutes. Being attentive is not a human thing, as the goldfish might be better. Worse, new studies show that the human attention span is going down. Waiting is not good online, that is why search engines give the answers right away as possible. When creating content, you need to look at the standards. Make the paragraphs short as possible and with plenty of white spaces. Lawyers may not have the exact mindset they have picked up in law school. It can be disastrous to have SEO for lawyers, with lawyers doing it. Online writing may be the total opposite of what you learned as a lawyers. It can be a huge catastrophe for lawyers doing SEO for lawyers.
Keyword research is part of SEO. Keyword research is completely different from the legal research you may be accustomed to. Choosing the right keyword can be valuable. Unable to choose the right keyword may be a bad omen as it may not cause the ranking to swell. SEO depends a lot on keyword research.

If you do SEO, you need to have plenty of attention. You need to take a look at the analytics to be successful. The great SEO people know what will happen before it actually happens. They solve problems before it becomes a problem.
The cyberspace is a completely different court. SEO may be bad news for attorneys as the time doing it can be best used in socializing. Let the experts be the one that help you rank better. The lawyer may be great on the court, but SEO experts are best in others.

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