Robotic Process Automation Training – We Offer Our Customers and Partners A Wide Range Of Training Courses, Both Online And Onsite

Automation, automation, automation, is all you must be hearing around you. That’s right. It seems to be everywhere; automated supermarket’s checkout, order placements for an inventory and in sectors where repetitive work processes exist.


More and more businesses are trying their hands into automation and rightly approach the IT companies for the same. Before automating, there should be an identification of the business functions which need and are also eligible for automation.

Traditionally, this begins with hiring a team to observe and interview client company’s employees which consumes their time and interfere with their tasks. It took weeks for a report&even longer for recommendations. Result? A list of processes eligible for automation that may not be comprehensive.

But not with Kryon Process Discovery

Kryon systems, with 5 patents in computer vision and machine learning technology is a company which is dedicatedly provides advanced innovations in the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology.


First things first – Understand RPA with Kryon and in General

RPA is not just automation but automation with intelligence of its own. It is unliketraditional workflow automation where software developer just interfaces the static list of possible action tasks at the backend of an application; RPA systems continuously understands the action tasks when they are performed by the user and maintains the data into the system. This data becomes the basis to decide what areas or functions within an organization are eligible for automation.


Technically, RPA is comprised of software robots that builds up a virtual workforce that can execute business tasks on an enterprise application. It is just like any other team in the office which interacts and works in collaboration. The virtual workers (robots) understand the processes, execute them and make references for the future, just like an employee of the team do. What is the difference then?


Using RPA systems, the processes are more accurate, easily scalable, time and cost efficient.

Kryon adds more efficiency to RPA efficient systems. It integrates Artificial Intelligence (AI) with RPA. This is like automating the automation process.


What RPA at Kryon’s is like

When a business approaches Kryon for automating its functional processes, a series of process steps are taken.

It begins with automated Process Discovery. Kryon’s patented AI technology is a first tool of its kind. It employs Discovery Robotswhich collect relevant data on user’s daily processes, and the analytics engine turns this data into actionable intelligence to identify the candidates for automation.One advance step further, Kryon Process Discovery automatically generates automation workflows. This minimizesadditional timebetween discovery to deployment of automation applications.

Once workflow builds up, the automation can begin. Kryon offers

Unattended Automation – repetitive business functions that are handled by unattended robots which work 24×7 with almost negligible human interference.

Attended Automation – some functions which require human monitoring are handled in attended automation. The work is done on-demand with employee interacting with attended robots, which results in greater speed, accuracy and efficiency.

Hybrid automation– it is an equilibrium maintained between the unattended and attended automation processes.

Won’t it be too complex to automate business?

The answer is NO!

Kryon takes end-to-end responsibility of automating your business with its online and on-site Robotic Process Automation Training. The courses are extensively designed which imparts training to your RPA operating team over the implementation, management and scaling up of the automation processes in the organization.

There are two RPA training courses for all customers and partners using Kryon’s RPA offerings:

  1. RPA Developer Introduction

This is the basic training course which is conducted online. This free of charge course guides you through the basics of how Kryon provides Robotic Process Automation with its patented technologies and solutions. It is certification course.

  1. RPA Developer

It is a paid certification course that would provide training about processes of automation and how they are designed using Kryon’s platform along with training over the deployment of automation workflows within the organization. All the demonstrations and hands-on exercises are done on customer’s or partner’s premises and training will take 5 days for completion.

The only pre-requisite is that the customer or partner must have acquired RPA Developer Introduction certificate.

The RPA training is provided by RPA vendor or third-party professional services.


Industries that Kryon systems serves

Kryon systems classifies it RPA solutions as under

Industry specific – automation in the finance & banking, insurance and telecom sector

Process specific –  HR processes, accounts payable and claims processes are the most popular departments which needs such automation

Application specific –  the application platform that Kryon’s product support are desktop, mainframe, web, SAP, excel and citrix.

This classification helps in imparting appropriate RPA training and implementation of perfect automation solutions.


In summary

Kryon systems can be your reliable partner in your fearless journey of automating business processes. We help in initial analysis, its documentation, gradual automation process, training and continuous up-scaling for all yout future automation needs.