Optimal Reporting With NPrinting

Finding and processing data used to be one of the most time-consuming tasks for businesses, until Qlikview and its related products were developed to simplify this process. One of these related products, specialising in making reporting faster and more efficient, is NPrinting.

What is NPrinting?

NPrinting, simply put, is a reporting system. It uses data and analytics from Qlikview and ‘prints’ it – or distributes it – as scheduled, when and how it is needed, and in a visually comprehensible manner.

Convenient reporting

The first majorly convenient feature of NPrinting is that it removes the time-consumption of needing to manually distribute analytics data. You simply schedule everything and it handles the rest for you.

Perhaps the most convenient factor, though, is the variety is formats available. NPrinting is capable of reporting in Microsoft Office formats, PDF and even HTML, so whatever you need, it will be readily available, without the stress of converting files first.

Benefits of using NPrinting

Beyond the added convenience of using NPrinting, there is a host of additional benefits. One of the main benefits is confidentiality, which is guaranteed through filters which can be set on a recipient basis so that each recipient only receives the information relevant to him or herself. The delivery options available also add to the confidentiality feature by allowing you to send reports directly to recipients’ email addresses, as well as allowing you to store reports securely in a safe file location of your choosing.

NPrinting is also time and cost effective, which are both top priorities for businesses today. It is cost effective because you can view and use information which is filtered and formatted without needing any extra software licenses. The time effectiveness comes from being able to simply drag-and-drop all the necessary information, images and so forth into the report editor, and from there the rest will be handled for you, saving you all that time.

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