Movavi SCS vs Bandicam Review


Nowadays there are several popular screen recorders, and Movavi Screen Capture Studio and Bandicam number among them. That being said there are substantial differences between the two, and if you’re trying to choose between them it would be a good idea to find out more.

The first thing you should know is that Movavi Screen Capture Studio has both a Windows and Mac version, whereas Bandicam is only available on Windows. At first glance both these recorders look similar due to their simple and clean user interfaces, but looking closer in a Bandicam review will reveal other differences:


  • Recording capabilities

For the most part Movavi Screen Capture Studio and Bandicam are on par in terms of recording features – but the latter does have a few limitations. In particular it can’t record keystrokes, and isn’t able to capture audio and video from different sources as separate tracks.


  • Editing tools

One of the main differences you should be aware of is that Movavi Screen Capture Studio has a full-fledged video editor that you can use to split and cut videos, apply special effects, add transitions, edit audio tracks, and more. On the other hand Bandicam doesn’t really have an editor, and can only split and cut videos.


  • Export options

Unfortunately Bandicam is only able to export in MP4 or AVI format, which is a fairly big limitation despite the popularity of those formats. In contrast Movavi Screen Capture Studio has no such limitations, and can export to multiple formats and codecs and has built-in presets to automatically optimize videos for various devices and platforms.


  • Support

Being popular screen recorders it should come as no surprise that both Movavi Screen Capture Studio and Bandicam have good support options, including a strong community, email support, and a knowledgebase full of tutorials, video guides, FAQs and more. However Movavi also provides support via live chat, which Bandicam does not.

As you can see Movavi Screen Capture Studio has the edge over Bandicam, and that is especially true when you consider the price of both. Simply put Movavi will set you back $59.95 for the full version, whereas Bandicam is slightly more expensive at $60.


Considering the fact that they are so similarly priced, it is safe to say that the fact that Movavi Screen Capture Studio has a huge advantage in terms of features is particularly telling. In short if you want a complete solution to record and produce videos – it should be the one you look to.