Mistakes to avoid when recording computer screen

Screen recording is essential for businesses because it helps to keep a track of presentations, shows, web-conferences, and so on. You want your recording to be seamless and of quality. There are some common mistakes that you can avoid when recording the screen. Check them out below:

  1. Running multiple programs

You cannot grab the attention of the viewers when there are plenty of programs open on the screen. Cluttering your computer screen will distract you from the primary element. Moreover, you don’t want to show what programs you use, right? Tidy up the desktop before you use the PC screen recorder and only focus on the ones you actually need.

  1. Forget to switch on the mic

Everyone who is new to recording PC screens forget to switch on the microphone. It can mess up the entire presentation or turn off people right at the beginning. You need to ensure that the mic is on from beforehand but keep the volume in control.

  1. Adding passwords

Showing on-screen workflow that includes log in can be tough to do when you usually auto-fill your passwords. This is the same for usernames and other information you might need to add. Try to add all the passwords you need to before you start recording. Know the URL of logins screens especially the websites that you will need in the process.

4. Forget that there are people around

You might have employees or an assistant who bumps in-between the recording and disrupts the flow. Any background noise like sneezing, coughing or inquiries can spoil the recording. You can also get distracted from the presentation. You must try and record your business recordings in a quiet room and ask your employees to cooperate in the process.

5. Get dinged

You hate to have notifications when you are recording your screen. An e-mail chime or a Facebook notification can be extremely annoying. It also breaks concentration and privacy. People who can access the video will know the types of programs you use or can peep into personal details. Try to switch off all your notification for the time you record. It avoids the noise and the pop-ups.

Recording screen for businesses

You might need to record screen for your business in various instances. Recording videos help you in the following ways:

  • Helps record web conferencing that you share with important clients. It lets you get back to the video when you need to crosscheck.
  • Helps you record videos from the internet and doesn’t let you wait for buffering later on.
  • Helps you present a video that you saw online but couldn’t download the file. You might want to share an important message with your staff with such a recording.
  • Records videos that are made for a presentation that help you take your meetings ahead.

There are many more reasons that you can come up with. It is smart to download a quality screen recorder that lets you capture videos and offer smooth streaming.