Making Quick Sense with Qlik® Sense

Time is money in business, so typically you don’t have countless hours available to go through hordes of data and analytics anymore. You need to make sense of your data, however you need to do it quickly. With Qlik® Sense this need can be met in spectacular fashion.

Powerful simplicity

Complicated analytics tools require specialists if the tools and their products are to be used in the best way possible, but not everybody has this particular resource readily available. This is why Qlik® brought out a simplified alternative to QlikView®: Qlik® Sense.

[email protected] Sense has all the data analytics power of QlikView®, but with the added simplicity that allows use by anybody. With its fully interactive visual interface Qlik® Sense allows you to fully explore your data with a click of the mouse – no coding needed! You can set your own parameters as you see fit and answer any questions which may arise, on the spot, simply by clicking the relevant fields. One of the underappreciated benefits of this is that you can even observe outlier information which most analytics tools assume to be irrelevant; you get access to absolutely everything you need to know unless you say you don’t want it.

Appealing aesthetics


What adds to the benefits of the powerful simplicity and control mentioned above is the fact that Qlik® Sense’s functionality is wrapped up in an aesthetically simple and appealing design. All the information, tools and options are clearand visible, making it even more convenient to work with every feature.

All the data you are observing and considering is also displayed clearly in accordance with your specific selections. Business decisions are made so much easier because all the data you need is displayed clearly and can be altered and adapted as required – again, with just a few clicks.


Convenient information sharing


Since time is money, being able to share information quickly via multiple platforms, especially mobile ones, is essential. Qlik® Sense enables you to do just this with a secure central hub through which you can share the relevant data with other authorised users, right from their network enabled devices (laptops, tablets, cellphones, you name it). What this means is that you are able to quickly share important information as it surfaces and speed up your decision making processes, especially in emergencies, without compromising on the quality of your data or the understanding thereof.

The business benefits of this tool are obvious, and can be especially useful to developing countries looking to catch up with their first-world competitors. The best way to get into Qlik® Sense in South Africa is with B2IT. They have the experience and expertise to get you going, so give them a call and start making sense of your data!