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Things To Do After An Accident.

Six million car accidents happen in this country every year. Most result in the loss of the cars. Personal injury is also a consequence of the car accidents. The driver or the passengers can also succumb to personal injury. These accidents will lead to the passing of the passenger and the driver. These are fatal accidents.These are unfortunate accidents. For this reasons there are important things which you should know when you are involved in a car crash.
After the accident has occurred do not move the car. This is what should happen when the accident is major or minor. Stop the car immediately and do not in any way move from the site of the crash. Make sure that there is no more damage that can occur at the site. This can be done by turning on the car flashers and setting up flares. Always have a flash light in your vehicle. The flashlight will be handy of the accident has occurred at night, and the car light is not working. Make sure that you are safe and that no car can hit you. Wait for care and assistance at the roadside.

Make sure that you call the authorities. It is very important that you call the cops after an accident. Even then there are no serious injuries to the driver and the passengers. If you are filing a claim the police report will be required. The car which has been involved in the accident should remain in the same spot until the police arrive at the site.

When the police get to the site, make sure you tell the officers all the facts. Make sure not to leave out any detail about how the accident happened. Make sure that you give all the information that is required. Also do not speculate about the accident. If you do not know an answer that the police require just tell them that you are not sure. This is important because there are times when the injuries of an accident are felt much later after the accident. The injuries are felt after some time passes. If you are going to file a claim, they will refer to the police report. This is why you should give correct information.

Take photos of the cars that have been involved in the accident. Do these while not affecting the activities of the police. The photos will provide a good referral point in case of litigation.
You should make sure that you have the contacts of the driver driving the other car. The police will take this information. The are times when the police will be late you should take the contact information from the other driver. You should also exchange insurance information too.