Knowing Crete Island, Greece

Crete Island is the biggest island amongst Greek islands and also it’s one of five biggest island in the Mediterranean region. Set against a backdrop of rich historical and cultural heritage, the island of Crete is a very interesting place to explore.

The island that began inhabited since prehistoric times began to grow rapidly when the emergence of Bronze Age civilization under the rule of Minoan Nation. Even under the rule of Minoan, Crete became the first most advanced civilization in the European region.

Many cities and buildings were built, including the Knossos Palace, the Phaestos Palace, Zakros and many others. With many decorations on its water transportation system which also developed in that era. The eruption of Mount Thera (Santorini) destroyed Minoan civilization around the year 1650 BC.

The glory of the island of Crete began to decline when it was dominated by the Misesian civilization from the Greek plains to the Roman era when Gortyn made the capital of Crete as one of the Roman provinces.


Attacked by Pirates

In Byzantine times, the island was repeatedly attacked by pirate flocks until finally the island was conquered by the Arabs in 1212 AD. As the Byzantine Empire deepened, Crete was annexed by troops from Venice, Italy.

The existence of Venetians left a strong footprint in the field of culture with the construction of many cities, castles, and towers. Art is also growing rapidly in Crete. The most noteworthy is the period of the Cretan renaissance with the emergence of renowned painters El Greco, writer Vitsentzos Cornaros, as well as many other writers, artists and other ingenious clever.

Not to forget, the Ottoman dynasty also had stopped at the civilization of the island of Crete, when finally won in 1669 AD, after through many years of war.

The island of Crete has four prefectures (a major city) visited by many tourists, they are called Rethymno, Heraklion, Chania (Hania), and Lassithi. The beautiful coastline with blue water is the main attraction of the island.

To reach it, you can use an airplane from Athens or a ferry that operates daily by book tickets on Hostelbay Greek Island Pass. Well, if you want to venture to the main cities on the island of Crete, you can also rely on land transportation modes, the KTEL Bus fleet. Another option that can make you enjoy your trip is by renting a motorcycle or car. When traveling on the island of Crete, cozy accommodation that can be found at many hotels or even apartments that available there. And the last thing you should remember when visiting Greece, the Greek Central Market, Sparti, and Gazi District are other tourist destinations you should not miss.