How to Recover Lost Data on Your Computer?

In today’s scenario, almost everyone is loaded with the latest gadgets like smartphone, tablets, and laptops. Even school students who have attained the age of 10 and above have a requirement of either computer or laptop to accomplish their assigned tasks. Now since laptops and computers have become an integral part of our life – whetherin office,college or home, we have started storing relevant and important data that is essential for future use. We can’t afford to lose data at any given point of time.Hence,when the data stored in our system gets removed because of reasons like system updates or system crashes,it is considered to be scandalous since data is too important to be lost. The outcome is dreadful if you have not taken a system backup or data backup.

There are plenty of other reasons due to which our electronic gadget starts acting weird and the next thing you know is all the data has gone into oblivion. Believe it or not,data loss is very real in today’s time.Hence,it is very important to know how to recover lost data on your computer.

Here are few ways to recover lost data on your computer.


Recovering Accidently Deleted Data

Many a times we accidently delete files from the computer that we don’t intend to. If this has ever happened to you, you can quickly access the recycle bin in your Windows laptop and retrieve the deleted data.Click on the deleted file available in the bin and right click and restore the file. This is possibly one of the quickest ways to recover data if you happen to delete it by mistake.

Hide / Unhide Data from External Storage Disk/ Hard Disk/ Pen Drive

Users have frequently faced this issue wherein due to some security issues while plugging in external hard disk to some other device they are unable to see the files and access them. Instead of panicking you may head over to Windows Explorer>Tools options >View >“Show Hidden Files”. Enable the option ‘Show hidden files’.

Then go to the Start Menu >Run> Type the keyword “cmd” and press Enter. Type “attrib -h -r -s /s /d t:\*.*” and then Enter.Here,‘t’ should be replaced with the pen cd drive name)

Recovering Data with the Help of Data Recovery Software

There are times when the above mentioned tactics don’t work and you have plenty of important files that got deleted and would need special assistance. Third party programs like data recovery software are better known to handle this tricky situation as conveniently as possible. A number of good quality data recovery software are well known for solving all the complexity related to data loss and retrieving the lost data, which might have happened due to some unauthorized access or malware attack. These data recovery software help the users to get the original data back from the deleted area.

The generic methods to recover the data are pretty easy and won’t take much of the efforts.But, while choosing an appropriate data recovery software for your computer, check the compatibility with your PC so that you do not get bogged down with irrelevant issues that might harm your data.

The above mentioned tactics are some of the best practices for users to recover data.Till date, data recovery software have helped numerous people in getting their important data back.