How to Overcome Boot loop Android / Booting Android Boot


Here I will explain the various types of boot loop and how to handle it. Curious right, see more clearly how to services android boot loop as follows.

  1. Android Medium Boot loop

Boot loop problem that is not too heavy is usually caused by the system of recovery without knowing in advance what the effect. because the real system recovery is the most important part of an android phone, usually from the recovery system we can do rooting the phone.

How to overcome:

The first thing needed is a PC / Laptop to backup the data recovery image and CWM file recovery/original. This method will only work if you already backup the ROM data on the phone or your native mobile if you have never backed up his ROM do not worry please searching it for special recovery for your phone type in the Google.

  1. Android Hard Boot loop

Type of boot loop is one of the following:

  • Replacing a different Stock ROM
  • Upgrading the operating system
  • Compile the wrong APK


The above activity if experiencing a triggers boot loop error which type is already high/hard. The characteristics of mobile phones that have been hit by hard boot loop are the phone and no longer bias the brain-tweaking or often called a total stuck.

How to overcome:

The case of boot loop above is already classified as a severe boot loop then the way it is also different from the previous ways the main thing to be prepared is a pc / laptop, and pc / laptop also must be installed with a special application to reinstall the Operating System on Android or bias also to flashing ROM (firmware). Keep in mind how to installed an android it’s the different way you please in accordance with your phone brand.

  1. Android Light Boot loop

This type of boot loop is bootable from boot loop, and this one boot loop is usually caused by installing apk suddenly restart the phone by itself or commonly called the re-boot automatically.

How to overcome:

Because the above boot loop classified as a mild way to overcome it was not easy to boot loop type before. The trick is very easy to remove your android phone battery, wait a while if it is then plugged it back on the phone then turn on your phone is usually the phone will boot back to normal and the phone is no longer a problem.