How to Get a Great ROI from Your SEO Investment

Marketing experts are constantly trying to derive effective answers to the problems encountered by companies in the implementation of their marketing strategies. How to be visible on the Internet? How to get more traffic and contacts? How to get a better conversion rate? But these experts also help companies determine how much the process will cost and, more importantly, how it relates to their industry. This is where the ROI (Return on Investment) calculation takes on its full value. Want to know how get a great ROI from your SEO investment? If so, continue reading.

SEO is a complete process which, beyond the positioning of sites on search engines, is designed to attract many visitors but, especially, to transform them into paying customers. This process can be divided into several successive stages:

  • Alerts: Finding sites and be warned about desired products and services.
  • Research: Narrow the search and target more information.
  • Preference: Search for other information to confirm the customer’s final choice.
  • Purchasing: Making a decision and converting the process into a paying customer.
  • Loyalty: Return to the site to acquire other products and/or suggest products to other consumers.

It is important to find an ROI expert that will offer their know-how to companies that want to succeed with their web marketing strategies and do so by optimizing their ROI. This can be calculated according to the following formula: ROI = Value of the customer – Cost of acquisition. For the sake of clarity, this article goes further in the composition of these terms.

  • Customer value – The value of the customer includes the number of purchases made over a year, the value of their “basket”, the client’s age and the profit margin of the product.
  • Acquisition cost – To determine the cost of a sale, including acquisition costs and fixed charges, companies must determine the costs of time spent, expenses of the company, etc.

Google SEO requires sites to offer skill and availability. The optimization of ROI in web marketing brings into play many changing factors. The safest way for companies to achieve convincing results in SEO and conversion, coupled with a measurable optimization of ROI in total transparency, is to hire a reputable team of experts.