What To Do If Your iPhone Gets Water Damaged


If you’re someone like me and enjoy water activities, such as boating, jet skiing, tubing, or swimming, then your phone is constantly exposed to water. This creates the opportunity for water damage to your iPhone. Having your iPhone dysfunctional because of water exposure can be very inconvenient, especially when it contains valuable information in regards to work, personal contacts, and memories captured over the years. You will probable want to have your iPhone repaired as quickly as possible given the situation, and it can be unpleasant when you don’t know how to repair it yourself. Fortunately for you there is a trusted and reputable mobile repair business in town that is looking forward to your call and excited to help! Mobile iPhone Repair Portland greatly values its customers time and our mission is to take care of you as soon as possible while bringing you the greatest level of quality and expertise.

Over the years we have fixed thousands of iPhones and our work vouches for itself, ask any of our previous customers they are happy with us! One very common repair issue that we come across is problems with the camera not working. Our repair team is capable to repair any issue that you might have on your iPhone. This includes the front camera, rear camera and sometimes it’s only the camera lens that needs to be replace. We are able to diagnose the problem and get it fixed to you in a timely manner so that you …

5 Things You Should Do To Become A Technology Expert

No one wants to be just another person doing the exact same thing as millions of others in the world. We all want to excel at what we do, we all try, and very few succeed. If you are an IT professional and want to become an expert in your domain, you should do these five things to improve yourself as a person and as a professional.

1. Focus On Mental Wellbeing

IT professionals work day and night, are constantly haunted by missed deadlines and demanding customers, and very few enjoy peace of mind at any given moment in time. The world of technology moves at a rapid pace, and can prove to be very demanding. This means if you do not focus on your mental wellbeing, you will be stressed out and tired all the time. To cope with the stress of such a demanding lifestyle, you should take up meditation, exercise, and other forms of relaxation that can give your brain the kind of rest it deserves.

2. Constant Learning

Becoming a lifelong learner is the only way to survive in technology today. Newer and better technologies are being introduced every day, and as an IT professional, you need to brush up on your skills and add new tricks to your bag every day. For example, if you are a web developer, you need to take php 5 tutorials from time to time to make sure you are not missing out on anything new. Similarly, if you are …