Best Facebook Marketing Tips for 2018

People from all over the world are on this “new year, new me” mode every first month of the year and for good reason. Once the fireworks are done painting the sky with different colors, reality kicks in and the realization that we all have the chance to start over dawns upon us. These changes are not just limited to becoming better people as we can also apply these to our businesses.

A new year also means new trends in the worldwide web so it’s good to do some research and level up the marketing strategies that you have for your business. Now some people would argue that these online marketing strategies are not necessary since their business is online. Wrong. Facebook has over a billion users worldwide and it’s the perfect platform to expand your reach and boost your sales.

We listed some tips that you can follow to improve your brand’s presence on Facebook and to make 2018 your #bestyearever. Read on:


Customize your URL

As in real life, if someone struggles with finding your exact business location, they will just give up and look for other options. Putting it in the context of Facebook, businesses that apply for their own page are usually assigned a random URL where there are a lot of numbers involved. Make it easy for people to find you by replacing the numbers with your business name. This is called a vanity URL. If, for example someone has already taken your company’s name, don’t worry about it. Just add a hyphen, some characters, the word “official”, or the country where your business is located to create the distinction.


Beauty is in the Eye of the Cover Photo

Light travels faster than sound that’s why you need to have a cover photo that sparks the interest of your target customer. Facebook recommends that you follow the dimensions 820 x 312 to prevent overstretched images, and cropped details. Also decide on an area in the cover photo that will serve as your focal point so the graphics are not too overwhelming. Keep in mind that some users browse online pages through their mobile device so do a run through to see how your page appears on different screen sizes. If you need help setting up your cover photo, ask an ExpertHelp Facebook Expert for help. Once you’re satisfied with your page’s appearance, then you can go ahead and publish.


Upload Personalized Content



These days, people tend to shy away from content that’s selling something to them. By that, we mean posts that are too generic and are written not with the intention of reaching out, but with the intention of selling products. The competition is so tight these days and it’s important that you set yourself apart from other businesses out there. Part of your Facebook strategy for 2018 should include writing content that tugs at your target customer’s heart strings and giving them a more personal, more human feel. If they feel that you understand them and that you have something that can help solve their problems, they’ll buy your product without having to ask them to.


Share Moments

You can highlight products or certain moments in your business through Facebook stories. You can make these snippets even more entertaining by adding graphics and text. You also have the option to send these stories via direct message.


Schedule Your Status Updates

Maximize each content that you post by following a schedule. This way, your followers can easily see your post before it drowns in a sea of images, videos, and text posted by other online users. Before working on your schedule, observe the days and times in a week with the highest amount of active online users. You can use Facebook’s Insights feature to get the numbers that you need.


Learn About Facebook Spaces

Facebook Spaces is set to launch this year and it’s set to make waves in the wonderful world of social media. It allows you to create a virtual reality (VR) version of yourself where you can take your customers on live tours online. This is something that you can use as a unique way of showing your products, or if you want to reach out to people who are into graphics.


Use Facebook Ads

One way to efficiently boost your online content is through Facebook ads. You can specify the age, gender, and location of users who can view your ads, so you can easily capture your target market. Facebook ads also allows you to set your budget, so you don’t need to worry about overspending. Your Facebook ads can appear as a photo, video, carousel, slideshow, and canvas. Just choose the format that suits your brand.


Promptly Respond to Messages

Facebook informs page visitors if you are prompt in responding to messages. This also means that visitors know if it takes a while for you to reply because that information is put on display. Customers hate having to wait for an answer to their questions so it’s best if you respond to them as soon as possible.


Another way to increase your efficiency is by utilizing the messenger bot. Think of them as your trusty secretary, always ready to step in and assist you in any way possible. Facebook messenger bots can send news, update information, answer basic questions, and accept online orders.


Go Live


Thanks to Facebook Live, you no longer need to hire people from the media to broadcast special events in your business. Just go live on your Facebook page and your followers will receive a notification. This way, they will be given a chance to be with you in the event even if they are thousands of miles away. Viewers can type in their questions or give reactions to your video especially if they like what they are seeing. You can also set up a Q&A session or online game shows with your followers through Facebook live. This feature hits two birds with one stone: it promotes your business and engages your target market.