Movie streaming sites have become the latest form of entertainment nowadays. With the advent of technology people no longer rely on just the movie theatres to watch what they want. Instead, they pay what they want and are therefore able to watch their favorite TV shows and movies on demand. used to be the medium to look out for since they offered a variety of free movies for viewing as and when we desired. But there are some best alternatives for in place to gain unlimited access to what you need.

Netflix has become the latest attraction and it has captured the imaginations of various fans through its content and the type of shows that they present. We would be listing out some of the platforms that have proved to be viable alternatives for Netflix and they are given as follows,



Perhaps the most preferable choice for viewing online content after Netflix, Amazon Prime provides a very reasonable subscription rates for a month and for a year as per your preferences. In turn, they offer one of the largest collections of movies, TV shows, standup comics, and a whole lot more than necessary. This streaming service is available for use in over 100 countries around the world and you also get Prime delivery services with your subscription. The content might not be on par with Netflix but it is enough to satiate your needs as a Filmophile. You also get unlimited access to your favorite channels including HBO, Fandor, Showtime, and so on and so forth.


  • HULU

Yet another prominent web content streaming service which is very popular across the United States of America, Hulu is a service which adds value to that inner entertainment critic of yours. Many of the television’s leading networks like AMC, PBS, 21st Century Fox, etc. provide a great amount of content for viewing for a minimum amount of subscription. Among the alternatives of Netflix, this is yet another recommended option since there are Originals from many channels streaming here and you also receive live streaming of many other channels if you are willing to lighten up your pockets a bit.



Perhaps the most scintillating streaming service that has graced the web streaming service, HBO offers entertainment at a much advanced level than your regular shows. There are so many HBO shows that have gained critical acclaim, prime ones being Game of Thrones which has earned nominations and awards beyond counting including millions of fans worldwide. The only drawback for this service as of now would be its limited access to the U.S. based customers and there are as many as 5million + subscribers already. HBO Now also comes with an alternative streaming service called HBO Go which comes along with an added subscription for cable channels if you want a cheaper route.


  • HOOQ

Hooq is starting to gain a lot of popularity especially in India that includes shows and sitcoms that are local to the country and also from around the world. The web content is very experimental and has great potential to stun the world with it. The streaming service has a strong presence mostly in the Asian countries which includes Thailand and Singapore among others. So you would be able to binge watch on some of the famous Korean shows and sitcoms that are becoming quite a rage and have a massive fan following as well. In comparison with the price range of Netflix, Hooq is an option which you can definitely afford and it contains a great amount of content.