A Guide to The Most Underrated City Of Spain; Malaga

Spain is a country renowned for innumerable tourist attractions and beautiful sceneries all around the country. There are different cities and parts of the country that make it such a famous hub for all the travellers. But out of all the much talked tourists attractions, there remains one spot which is not much renowned and isn’t much talked about by most of the people. The city of Malaga is the least appreciated and the most underrated city of Spain. It surely is a hidden gemstone of the country and this blog will discuss about it in deeper contexts.


Where to Dine


When you visit Malaga for the first time, it can be quite difficult for you to choose the best restaurant or cafe as unlike other pots, this place isn’t much talked about. You can find a bunch of great restaurants in the area of Malaga. La terraza at the Alcazaba premium hostel having a terrace seating arrangement. You can stargaze during the night while enjoying your favourite food. Also, you can arrive a bit early here and experience the sun setting all along the mountains. Apart from this, there are plenty of other places to have a savouring meal. You can choose from ATICo bar and restaurant, Mercado merced, Cerveceria Los Gatos, TabernaCofrade Las Merchanas and much more.


Where to Stay


There are plenty of hotels to stay at in the Malaga city of Spain. Palacio hotel is one of the most preferred hotels in the city due to the fact that it was taken over by Marriott and then refurbished. Each of the 214 rooms of the hotels are modern and are of sleek built having large balconies. Dulce dreams is yet another hotel that stands high in terms of quality. It houses some of the small sized rooms that are decorated with much with certain themes like “apple pie” and “cupcake” are surely something very cute. The food served at the hotel’s local cafe is much appreciated by all the locals.


What to Do


When it comes to doing things, there are way more options that anything else in Malaga. Some of the best things to do in Malaga city are: –


  • Alcazaba – It is situated on the hilltop and is a moorish palace worth visiting.
  • Castillo de gibralfaro – a bit above abovealcazaba is castillo de gibralfaro having some of the best ramparts to take a stroll along. The structure is mainly a lighthouse and has some military barracks.
  • Pompidou centre – This centre is housed outside a very colorful glass cube which resides at Malaga port. The centre has exhibitions and around 80 artworks that are displayed.


There are plenty of other things to do in Malaga apart from the ones mentioned above. In order to reach any destination from the Malaga airport, tourists can use Malaga airport taxi transfer service that is available from the airport. Apart from that, the taxi transfers can be booked for dropping you to the airport from different locations. Malaga is a beautiful city, and everyone visiting Spain should definitely visit this place.