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Steps Involved In Preparing A Concrete Floor

Concrete floors are widely used in the commercial and residential setups. Concrete floors exhibit strength and versatility. The unfinished and rough look of concrete floors done not well are not favoured by most people. The look, versatility and strength of concrete floors can be improved through some ways. Polished floors are mostly preferred for kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. For the basement, laundry room and garage, they prefer the epoxy coating. There features can only be achieved if the proper concrete floor preparation is done. The contractor is most likely to spend more time doing the concrete floor preparation. This is necessary since rush could mean that you get a bad looking floor and more so one that will age prematurely.

When it involves existing concrete surface preparation, more has to be done. Closely examine the sealant and coating. They have to be removed. Remove any excessive laitance until you expose the solid concrete. A thorough cleaning of the floor is the next thing. It can be done using special equipment or use of special chemicals. From here, the next step largely depends on the type of floor finish that is desired. If it was a new surface; you would just pour out the concrete. Then use to trowels to make it smooth and floats to bring excessive water to the surface.With some practice, anybody can do this since it is easy.

Garage and auto showroom owners prefer the epoxy coating since they are durable and resistant to grease and oil. Epoxy coating is well used for rough surface. Ensure that the surface is rough if you are preparing it for epoxy coating. It can be achieved mechanically or by use of chemicals. Any of the methods is effective, but your contractor will prefer one of them and give reasons.

Preparing concrete floors for living areas is the next option. The preparation of the concrete floor inside the home is a bit different. You need to polish the floor. This means that a lot of grinding and polishing has to be done to make it best. Most of the people choose to have their floors stained.
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The best floor stains are acid based. They react with the concrete surface to form the stain. Since the stain is chemically reactive, it has to be neutralized using special soaps. The cleaning will be finalized by plain water. Coating is required for polished floors since they are not strong like the epoxy coating. This done by applying a base sealant and then wax above it. It can be polished several types before the wax passes it usefulness. It is nice to go through the process with a concrete floor expert.5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Concrete