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Tips of Talking to Your Partner about Couples Therapy Couples therapy is very important for couples that are having problems in their relationship and they are not finding a way to resolve their problems. If your partner does not trust that couples therapy can help your relationship then it might prove difficult to convince them to go with you to the therapy. You can follow a few things when you are talking to your partner and it can increase the chances of him accepting to go with you for therapy so that you can be able to bring your relation on the right track. The most important thing you need to know is that the timing of the conversation is very important, make sure you tell your partner about it at the right time and you should really ask gently in order for the both of you to talk calmly about it. When you are fighting never bring out the conversation about couples therapy, you should also know that you cannot give your partner any ultimatums concerning couples therapy. Make sure you look for a time when you and our partner are in a good mood and no one will interrupt your conversation. Talk about things you can improve on yourself that will improve your relationship, make sure that you don’t start blaming or criticizing your partner when you are talking about couples therapy. Make sure you tell your partner why it is important for them to participate in the couples therapy, your partner needs to know that the therapist will be able to know more about your relationship when you both go and he will be able to give viable advice.
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Your partner should know what to expect from the therapy, the partner needs to know that the therapist will take a neutral position during the therapy and he will not take sides. You can give your partner a chance to help you choose a therapist to consult; you can go for a free trial with your partner and let them have a feel of different therapists before you settle on one. Your partner needs to know that couples therapy doesn’t have to take a long time, if you select a good therapist, you will be able to finish your sessions in just a few months.
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When you go for a couples therapy, you will notice that the communication you and your partner have will be improved, your connection will also be improved, these are some of the results your partner should be able to expect when you start your couples therapy sessions. Your partner should know that couples therapy is an active process, they should know that they need to participate fully so that you can be able to get maximum results from the therapy.