7 Ways to Make a Website More Attractive and Unique

It’s no longer time to have a website that is the same or similar to other websites. As time changes rapidly, the trend in internet marketing is also fast changing. To communicate effectively in a growing market, you must be able to create a unique idea that can be implemented effectively. Yes, for the continuity of your business, it is very important to have an attractive and unique website to make it look more professional. If you need more complete information, see this “LinkHelpers Phoenix Web Design”.

You must be able to show your website interesting and not boring for your website visitors so that your website visitors don’t get bored while reading and seeing the content on your website.

Following are some trends that are rife in the world of web designers who can certainly make your website more unique and interesting.


1. Adaptive / Responsive Web Design

In the world today, the most important approach to websites is a responsive design. This will allow your website to look and function properly on mobile devices, tablets, and various types of computers.


2. Typography

Today typography is an important part of web design. Verdana and Arial fonts have long been obsolete but those that users are still very much. Now using unique fonts and creative designs is very important. Because typography is an important element of every website design, you need to consider all your choices and be smart in choosing interesting fonts.


3. Fixed Menus & Content

Fixed Menu (a menu with a fixed position when scrolling) and content that is still a very popular trend now. This function is used on menus or buttons, usually, the main navigation remains in its position when you scroll the page (scroll page). This increases the usability of navigation items or social media buttons that are always available wherever you are on a particular page.


4. Avoid Complex Design, Choose Minimalism

Minimal website design helps you get rid of unnecessary site elements. A design that is simple but creative but smart and is usually more effective in providing detailed information without any obstacles. Limiting color and text and only creating a unique and intelligent layout that represents the core features of your website will certainly add value to the website, making your website appear more resolute without the verbosity of most websites that exist today.


5. Start Avoiding Flash

As we know, Adobe Flash is used to become a standard in making interactions and animations on websites. That was before, however, CSS3, HTML5, and Javascript are now smarter choices to give your website a more dynamic experience. So if you want to add animation to your website, search on Google and surely you will find javascript / jquery plugins that can help you make more functionality for it.


6. Full Page Background and Image Quality

Using a full background page can give your audience a better viewing experience. Using high-quality images and artwork can no doubt make your website a pleasant place for the eyes. Intelligent organization and authentic images in your gallery and portfolio will also enrich the value of your website. Second, after typography, high-quality images are very important to create a website that is well-designed and unique.


7. Video Presentation

Videos on your website, if done correctly, will certainly give your visitors a better experience. Making short, unique and interesting videos is a great way to present content rather than forcing visitors to read content on your website. This video can sometimes communicate to provide information with visitors better than what is done by text so that this can add more value to your website. Putting a short video on the background is also very beautiful.


Those are some ways to make the website more interesting and unique to create a user experience and keep visitors from leaving your website quickly, this can certainly reduce your website’s bounce rate.