6 Tips for Overcoming Key Loss

One of the things that someone does not want is to lose something, one of which is to lose the key, be it the key to the house, car, motorcycle or office. The loss of the key means we lose access to the house or office, cannot use the car/motorcycle to and for example. And sometimes it can make the mind become chaotic and panic. If in an emergency you need a locksmith, you can contact the Geebung locksmiths.

Of the many instances, the most frequent is the owner of the key negligent inputting the key, although there are other factors such as theft. Following are simple tips to avoid losing keys.

  1. Store the Backup Key in a Safe Place

When buying a car or motorcycle, you will usually be given more than one key. Likewise, with other keys such as house door locks, garage, and others. Make it a habit to keep this backup key in a safe place and separate from frequently used keys. So that when the primary key is lost you can still use the backup key.

  1. Create a Duplicate Key

To anticipate, make a duplicate key before the original key is lost. If the original key is already lost, contact a key expert who can duplicate the key without the original key.

  1. Give a Key Chain

Sometimes the key slips or stacks of books for example, but because of panic sometimes it becomes difficult to find it. At present many kinds of key chains are sold from small to large sizes with a variety of materials. There is even a sophisticated key chain that can be connected to a smartphone, when you lose the key you can track the key through the application on your smartphone. Choose a keychain that is easy to see.

  1. Keep away from Children

Children are always interested in new thing. The key is no exception. Do not let children play with car or motorcycle keys because it could be a time when they are absorbed in playing to forget to put the key. Keep the key in a safe place out of reach of children.

  1. Get into the habit of Putting a Key in One Place

Provide a special place to put the car/motorcycle keys. By getting used to this, the incidence of key loss can be minimized, because it is used to putting the key in certain areas.

  1. Call a Key Expert

If you experience losing a key and can’t find the key then the last way is to contact the locksmith. Look for experienced key experts, for example, you lose a house key then look for a key expert who can make a house key. It’s the same if you lose a car key then you have to find an experienced locksmith who makes car keys. Because not all key experts can do it.