5 Reasons your Landing Page isn’t Driving Enough Conversions

Think about it; you spent tens of hours creating a new marketing campaign. Everything seems perfect; targeting is on point, and your landing page is exactly what visitors need to convince to take your desired action. When you launch your marketing campaign, traffic spills onto your page, and then everything seems to go southwards – no leads!

So, what’s the problem?

If you think you used the wrong landing page creator, you’re wrong. Here are five critical reasons your landing page isn’t driving the required level of conversions.


1. You don’t know your target audience

What’s the most important rule in marketing? Understand your customers! If you don’t know whoever you’re persuading or don’t know what they need, your landing page conversion rate will suffer. Therefore, it’s important to understand your market and demographics. When creating a marketing campaign, segment your target clients for each landing page campaign you land. It’s helpful to brainstorm the ‘pains’ and needs for each segment.

Well, this is easier said than done, and probably you will get it wrong at some point. But understanding your prospects and what they need makes it easier for you to avail it in your landing page, convince them, and drive conversions.


2. You aren’t writing to your peeps

Your website’s landing page is always the first impression a visitor gets about your company. When creating its copy, think about what you would say to visitors if they were walking into your local store. Write in a more personal and appropriate tone for your business, offer, and customer. Use a conversational style and incorporate a person-to-person connection using pronouns such as ‘us’ you’ and ‘me.’


3. Wrong offer

No landing page, regardless of how perfect it is, can fix the fact that your visitors don’t like your offer. If your offer is something your audience needs, you will get conversions. The rest of the work done on a page is simply optimization. Even if you’re getting a lot of traffic, your audience might be realizing that the effort, price or time required or the cost of getting into your email list isn’t worth it.

That’s the reason you should check your offer and decide whether replacing the offer or repositioning it could boost conversions.


4. Your headline is just cute – not clear and compelling

Your landing page headline must clearly articulate a compelling benefit that can entice your site visitors to check your CTA and take the necessary action. Keep the headline short, clear, and compelling. You can also use a sub-headline to offer further explanation of what you do or what’s on offer.


5. You ask for more information than your visitors are willing to offer

Internet users have limited time, and if you ask for more information, the chances are that your visitors will feel they are wasting their precious time. Also, think about a prospect who is secretly trying to fill out your form while in a meeting and doesn’t want the boss to notice. A lengthy form isn’t a good option.