5 Reasons PCs and Laptop Gaming Are Far More Superior Than Game Consoles

Are you often called a gamer? Yes, gamers are a popular nickname for game lovers. This nickname was given when the level of preference for playing games was very high or even practically maniacs. Are you one of them?

There are 2 types of popular games, PC or laptop games and console games. Gamers claim that good gamer PC are far superior to console games. Do you think you agree? To answer the following question, this is the reason why PC games are superior to console games.

1. Visual Graphics are Much Better

It is undeniable that the visual graphics owned by a PC or laptop are twice as good as a game console. You can directly see the visual graphics on image effects during the game. Usually, the picture that is presented by the game console is not good enough, while the game on a PC or laptop is still good. And also PC gaming doesn’t always have to be a high price, now you can find cheaper gaming PC with specifications that are sufficient to play your PC games.

2. Free Online Multiplayer Forever

Game developers will usually apply a charge for gamers who want to play online multiplayer-based games on PS4. However, this won’t happen on your PC or laptop, man! You can access online multiplayer games for free on your laptop, anytime and anywhere. Provided you have a good internet connection, so the game is much more exciting.

3. Automatic Updates

This annoyance arises when there is a new exciting game, but it can’t be played on your device. For example, PS2 and 3. You can only play this game console when it has been upgraded according to your PS type. Immediately, you have to install this and that first before starting to play.

Well, another story with a PC game. All the games that you want can be twigged and configured to a lower mode. You can also use overclock to improve the work system of your PC. So that there is no longer such a thing as slow during gameplay.

4. Supports Game Configuration in the Maximum Sector

Friends at home may already know that the game played on PS 4 or Xbox 1 is set directly by the developer or programmer. If your game console still has extra power, you can’t use it. Like it or not, my friend must surrender to the graphical visual display of the game presented.

This is different from PC games. As long as your device is still able to work properly, you can get the most out of the game. If you feel that the display is still not okay, you can make modifications to make it look what you want.

5. Pirated

This last point is arguably very controversial in the world. What do you do, friend, because the piracy case is strictly forbidden to do? Speaking about the pirated, the console game on PS 4 or Xbox 1 is not pirated, bro! This means you can’t just install the game on your device because you have to buy the original CD.

In contrast to PC games where you can install and uninstall games at will through the given site. Fortunately, hackers are now trying to break into paid games so they can become free. It’s good, friend?

That’s the advantage of PC or laptop games compared to console games. Well, it depends on you, friend. Which one is more pro, keep the game console or switch to PC game?